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Mars: The Extra Hour

Started by Bromtaghon, June 07, 2010, 12:06:59 AM

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On Mars, days are twenty-five hours a day.  What would you do with the extra hour?

I would do homework.
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I would sleep. I get very tired and angry during the day, an extra hour is just what I need.


You know Duskling has a good point there most people if they lack sleep tend to be moody.

I would continue to be on the computer with that extra hour


Me? It would be used for sleep, which havn't gotten enough of lately. It makes me grouchy as the evening rolls around and makes me struggle to not fall asleep in Civics, Foods I, and occasionally General Science.

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I would be in school, I don't want to, but their primary aim is to cram our future down our throats, school would be extended by an hour.
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I would spend it playing computer games, and/or sleeping. Depends.