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Branched Attacks

Started by Zhampir, March 12, 2010, 03:25:28 AM

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Many attacks have 2 different settings with the major difference being range, examples being; split shot 1 and 2, shadowport 1 and 2, bow 1 and 2, firebreath 1 and 2, juxtapose 1 and 2, etc.

Of course the second installment of all of these comes at an increased cost of psy points.
I think that when you select one of these attacks (click on it once or double hit it's allocated number) that a separate  GUI (or even just an extension of the current) should appear. It's setup would be much like radiobuttons with different versions of the attack, for instance You click Firebreath and the skill selection is replaced with a box showing the different version of the attack. The available versions would be a brightly colored while unavailable ones are grayed out and unclickable. (note the hyperlink leads nowhere)
[1] [2]
When the mouse hovers over an availible attack (or the corrisponding number key is pressed) the ground is highlighted with the normal yellow boxes, and the PSP cost is displayed like normal.
The name of the selected attack could appear in the top left corner with an [X] in the top right corner allowing you to go back to the skill selection.

I've thought of a few pros and cons for this, but I'm sure I don't have them all, if you figure out a new one, and it is agreed upon (I will not debate the point unless nobody else says anything about it) I will add it to the list

1. Shortens the amount of attack slots used severely
2. Can allow you to select through multiple attacks, Mind shield + Mega shield in one slot, Feedback + vengeance, i.e. attacks that replace earlier versions
3. allows quick access to more all your skills, no flipping through pages
1. If used on the hero he could have access to all his attacks, eliminating the strategic quality of what arsenal to carry.
2. May make the player feel like there are many more attacks to unlock, of course, Craig willing, we could create an insane amount of attacks... but new attacks are lengthy and complicated to create, besides, I don't think any character should have too much of an arsenal (I was happy with the amount of available attacks in TRGP2)


I noticed this didn't have any replys so: Firsties!!!
I don't really like the idea. It would over complicate it in my opinion. Let them carry but 8 attacks total. That is all.