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Hero skill system

Started by laserpants13, February 08, 2010, 03:17:06 PM

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As I promised here's my horribly made sketch of the skill system for the hero.
And when I say horrible... well.. just look.^^

I'd like something with the shield in the center, as it seems to be a more neutral element, feedback and static/solid shields in the center with the name, feedback on the bottom (as it's an attack, it's darker and not on the high path like the static shield that's a lot more passive)

The elements in the corners opposite their opposing element, with the stronger skills (2) further away from the center showing that they are more developed into that element.

And finally having each element's resistance in between the element and the shield showing a connection between the two.

unfortunately, doing this requires a whole new GUI just for the skills and loads of extra programming. So I don't expect Craig to sign off on this, but it was just a thought.


Aargh, I'll give you this much: it does look horrible :P Though I uderstand what you're getting at. I myself made a flow-tree diagram on how the elements could develop, along with a discussion on classifying elemental attacks (by their strength, range, number of tiles hit, etc). In fact, I'll go off and start a thread  here.

I guess the main focus will be on elemental attacks, and that's quite simple, in my opinion. Thus, below are the natural pairings for the human Psy:

-Mind Blast
-Feedback => Vengeance

-Mind Shield => Mega Shield => Long Shield => Big Shield => (Static Shield => Solid State Shield)*

-Pyro Blast => Pyro Hail => (Fire Gate)*

-Light Blast => Light Bomb => (Holy Blast)*

-Shadow Blast => Dark Vortex

-Cryo Blast => Cryo Cross

*learnable by other teammates/units
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how about an upgrade for mindblast like
mind beam range 1,2,3
mock the pheonix you will burn


Why not just 3? If it's at 1, why not use mindblast? If it's at 2, why not use an elemental blast? But at 3, you don't see that kind of range.


So, you could click 'learn skill' and it come up with the unrelated 'trees', learn-able separately, as long as they didn't depend on one another? I like it.

And you can level up skills, but I wouldn't mind being able to buy upgrades.


Earlier, KZ noted that he thought it would be an annoying feature, I think that's because you might want to learn one skill, but you need to learn like seven others, am I right?


Yes. I also find that very annoying.


I like the idea of a skill tree typed thingy. I hate having to pay 3000 to get a skill I don't want to buy the one I want.