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mission 4 finish/game release date

Started by Steel Ersatz Man, March 19, 2010, 03:00:45 PM

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Dorgon 5000

Well, I hope that this will be a really long game, and that the finished, downloadable demo is out soon.


the demo won't be finished, it's just marketing.


I think that Dorgon 5000 just meant that:
1. He hopes that TSoG will be a really long game and
2. He hopes that the downloadable demo will be finished soon.

But, just in case, I'll try to clear things out:
- Currently there is an online playable demo (a beta version);
- Soon (though I have no idea how soon) the online demo will stop being updated and a downloadable (and, I think, more complete) demo will be available;
- The demos will contain only a part of the full game (and may be used as a marketing tool);
- The full game will be sold;
- For now, there isn't a release date for the full game.

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Quote from: cypher27 on May 20, 2010, 02:00:01 PM
ummm....what's the "Gelf"?  ???
Gelf is the name of a Wood-Folk character in TRPG2.  Gelf is also a common, but incorrect name for the Gelf's race.


 anyon know about hw much.. (atleast give e some diff specualations... ) the full game will cost?


please use correct spelling and grammar, i can barely read that
but TPA2  costs 12.99, and this game is bigger and better, so I'd bet on about 20
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