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New active members?

Started by Duskling, June 17, 2010, 01:10:55 AM

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Hmm. Bugfartboy has no problem with it. Cypher beat him to the response.

Idozen Cair

Do I qualify as an active member, but new?
I doesn't care, do I?


Are you new? Are you active on the forums? If the answer to both of these is yes then yes.


The Holy namelesskitty

You seem so. I still feel like a new active user. You don't hear that much from a black cape.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Well, I still consider you as New-ish. You aren't really new, but you aren't even approaching old timer. In addition, recommend that you return your username to Namelesskitty; Face it, Holy War is dead, and has been for ages.


Indeed, also, it may offend some people with certain (if not all) religions since now the "Holy" is in your username without a valid reason.


It IS a bit arrogant... am I still new-ish?


I've already asked Kitty about it. He claimed that "He and his fellow atheists had no problem about it and he wouldn't change it."
Quote from: The Holy namelesskitty on December 24, 2010, 07:56:49 PM
The holy is because I am divine prophet of Craiginism. All the other aethiests including myself have no problem with it. So you could ask, but I won't change it.
And I don't think I'm a newb really. I was on the old forums for a little while.


Were you? I don't remember you

Duckling ; You certainly aren't new, though you aren't an old timer either. Not even I'm actually an old-timer, though I doubt I'm far off.


I was present but I only posted about 40 times that counted. I was mostly in the forum games. Try looking in the member list, if you can get to it. Or look HERE.


Hah. So you were.

You know, looking through the old forums me miss KZ and Kivatti. Who else remembers Kivatti?



Me! Kizatti showed up on the new forum, too.


...For I am his, and he is mine, bought by the precious blood of Christ.

Anyone want to find the rest of the words?