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What would you do?

Started by Duskling, June 29, 2010, 04:47:33 PM

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Die of a heart attack next time someone tried to open my door.

What would you do if I said "Boo!"?


Die of heart attack.
Quote from: Duskling on September 06, 2010, 08:23:55 PM
Sharpen my kitchen knives and hope for the best.

What would you do if the forum had an eerie background music?

Quote from: Arch Priest of CraiginismGet scared and delete my account. Then change my real name and go into hiding.
Now that is just mean.
I was joking.
What would you do if I was a genius?


Consider the bar lowered? No, that's also just mean. I'm sorry. Run and hide.

I wish people would always give me a straight answer when I asked what they would do.


TAZE!!! This is what would you do.

What would you do if Duckling was Duskling and Duskling was Pres?


Wonder if Pres was back as Duckling and Duskling was banned.

What would you do in the event of a system crash?


Cry and beg the people at Microsoft for a new one.

What would you do if I was a vampire?


Get wolfsbane.

What would you do if I was a werewolf?


Stock up some silver ammo.

What would you do if I was Fidel Castro?


Ask for part of Cuba.

What would you do if I was a very nice, so nice that I'm the nicest I can be without bordering on being something not nice at all werewolf.


Keep you as a pet in a very nice way.

What would you do if I kept you as a pet?


Voice my opinion that I didn't want to be a pet?

What would you do if I asked a stupid question?


Answer in a stupid way.
You are now my pet werewolf.
What would you do if you enjoyed being a pet?


Eat lots of tennis balls.

What would you do if I were a very expensive pet?


Not bother and keep you anyways. You don't see many duck/werewolf pets now-a-days.

What would you do if you knew my Facebook?


Stalk! No, jk. Nothing.

What would you do about the Cold War if you were Truman?