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TSoG Cheat Determination

Started by KZ, February 09, 2010, 12:50:30 PM

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As in, none of the words you provided?
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It might very well be that we already found the right synonym for "scholar", but haven't found the other word it's thered to. Thus, what ideas do you folks have for short, 3, 4 or 5 letter words that would, probably, be somehow related to "good" or "better than average"?
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Vivid, maybe (it's a synonym for "bright")?


How do you see if the cheat worked? Do you have to acually start the game?

I've tested these:
[spoiler]"AcademicOne" "GoodTeacher" "WisestAugur" "WalkingWits" "VeryCapable" "KnowingMind" "VividCritic" "CapitalSage" "PsiDesciple" "Mr.Academic" "GoodLearner" "BeamingSage" "GoldenAugur" "RaidientTool" "PrimeSavant" "GreatDoctor" "DuluxeGnome" "SuperSavant" "SuperbBrain" "NiceTeacher" "PureLearner" "AbleEgghead" "CleverBrain" "AbleLearner"
Submmited to me by namelesskitty:
I'm going to keep adding to this list.  ;) I hope I find it first.  8)


Still can't find any and used way to many.


Some are so ridiculous Craig would never put them for example "RaidientTool".


So. I'm just picking out words at random and sticking them in front of synonyms.


At the end of the day, it'll probably be something obvious...


Can I just mention that a few of the words are spelt wrong; even if they were the cheat they wouldn't work.


So far I've tried:[spoiler][/spoiler] PerfectSage, BrainyAugur, CleverPupil, BrainyPupil, WiseLearner, SmartDoctor,


Quote from: meh on August 09, 2010, 02:33:36 PM
So far I've tried:[spoiler]PerfectSage, BrainyAugur, CleverPupil, BrainyPupil, WiseLearner, SmartDoctor,[/spoiler]
Is that what you meant to post?


Pupil certainly won't work ;)
For those who might have trouble with spelling, online dictionaries could help, and ensure that folks don't waste their time by accidently mis-typing a word.

I wonder why this particular cheat is so hard to get? So far, all the other cheats were found within the first couple of days, if not hours!

Craig, can you give us a hint in terms of what style the cheat is in comparison to the other cheats (for instance, you have cheats like [spoiler]Charismatic and Untouchable[/spoiler], and then you have something like [spoiler]MrMoneyBags and RollinInIt[/spoiler]). Thus, does the cheat sound  more like the former, or it is better classed in the latter category?
(Methinks it's the former, but better check. And you wouldn't be giving too much away. ;) )
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Xemadus Echina

I still can't believe that nobody has found the aptitude cheat.  Something tells me that it's a word that is constantly used in the wrong way.
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