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Started by Zhampir, March 29, 2010, 08:11:42 PM

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Below was previously found in the TSOG board. I felt it no longer belonged there, as one can ramble about anything, can they not? Enjoy, critique, and post your own ramblings if you so desire. Of course follow the rules, and try to keep your ramblings concerned with the Telepath world.

Welcome to my ramblings (keep in mind these "theories" are completely theoretical). This is my own little board where I (and you can too of course) can (and likely will) post extremely random far out ideas on TSOG as it progresses. Reading the thoughts of others through this forum and the wiki I sometimes have random thoughts of inspiration and a need to explain "holes" in the story.

Here's one such rambling:
Quote from: Zhampir on February 22, 2010, 06:46:46 PM
The Nameless One will eventually have a huge part to play. Probably something that involves him being not so nameless anymore. For instance, Baz is found out, his house is stormed by the cultists. The Nameless One, fearing his own life may be in danger intercedes and fights with amazing ferocity against the cultists. Then a captain frustrated at the loss of his men charges with the next wave. The nameless one's hood is knocked off and the Cultists captain immediatily recognizes The Nameless One. The Captain, stunned is surrounded by our armada and taken prisoner. This captain and The Nameless One have a long talk and the Captain joins our cause and It is revealed that The Nameless one is (for sake of example) Guy, and the Captain is none other than Anya.

and I couldn't find the page but KZ proposed something completely preposterous. Or is it? KZ said that David could be Cygnus because of his powerful scanning abilities.

When I read this my mind sparked. Notice it did not sparkle, I am not a fairy, I am not Edward. (Hate to Twilight)
All of a sudden my idea of unexpected universe begins to make sense. Of course a few changes are needed.
By the way I play this out in my mind as one possible conclusion from TRGP2 expecting everybody to live and the Queen to die.

First I will outline the endings that fit:

1. Anya becomes Dean of the Academy.
2. Guy becomes a general
3. David becomes the most powerful psy scanner alive.
4. None of the books of the Library are destroyed, merely transported, even protected by trying crypts.
5. Anya loves books

Anya is smart, and as a girl (and from her reactions to the events of TRGP1) seems to dislike all the chaos in the Telepath world. David, no doubt aware of the connection between the main and Anya, likely becomes a friend to Anya.
Anya, now the Dean of the Academy decides that the only way that there will be peace in the world is to unite all the world under one banner, strongly tied to a powerful driving religion.

So Anya, a long with the most powerful scanner, David, agree that they need to unite the world. Using his superior abilities, David slowly works the minds of the people of the world and forms them into an army, a people, united under Anya. Thus the Cult is born.

Now, Anya's smart, and she knows that the only ones that could stand against her would be a powerful army of psys. So she installs in her new religion a discriminant against psys. At first she did not mean to persecute them, but the unruly amongst her army love to have something to pin all their misfortune on.

Anya, David, and Guy, fearing recognition by their allies (as this would show the Cult's falsehood and bring it tumbling down) change their names. and now Cygnus is born from David.

Guy, all was ready for a brawl, but smart about it, sees what his once friends plan to do, and flees, as always, a powerful psy.

Anya and David start their uprising of the cult far away, but soon there is little left to control and they circle back to the Acadamy, Somnus, and Ravinale. Experienced from previous conquests, they work slowly, until it's too late, and Ravinale is taken. The Library is voided of all non-Cult material, but not destroyed like in normal conquests. Instead, thanks to Anya's love of books, the books are saved, and stored in several dry crypts protected by ghosts and traps. Safe, until they are reclaimed.

Guy, hiding amongst outside clans (Rubat perhaps) hears of this take over and is reminded of why he's in hiding. He learns of a resistance, and offers his services becoming the Nameless One.

Of course this changes my little scenario from earlier, as in Anya, the leader of the cult herself, storms Baz's mansion.
Here are my ramblings on the Gift:

I think the gift came from the soul. In the beginning there were humans. Some of the race died, but were still tied to the world. These were Ghosts. They were the first to actually use the gift. Humans, amazed at the powers ghosts had tried to harness the gift for their own. After many experiments that mutated ghosts, the Shadowlings were formed. Part ghost, part mortal, and completely formed from shadow, they terrified their creators. Born with the control of the gift and with the intelligence of a mortal, they were able to easily escape from their captors. The shadowlings ran to the caves. Hid in the shadows. They grew a hate for the humans who ruled the world above. A leader emerged, a queen. Using their powers, the shadowlings erected their empire. Enslaved their once captors. and held Cera Bella by its throat. Of course, there were sympathizers, shadowlings that were fond for humans, humans that loved shadowlings. These groups fled, for fear of persecution. Their love for one-another, against all odds, found a way to merge. Spriggats were born. Infused with the original soul of the humans, they were no longer restricted to the shadow element. Heat, Cold, and light spriggats emerged a long with the mighty black spriggats.

From here the gift in humans can be explained two ways, the spriggats bred with the humans, or through their study of the ghosts humans had found a way to unlock their own potential.


This hasn't been commented on but it all but the part of the spriggats makes sense.