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Guess (or dig up) that planet!

Started by Duskling, July 02, 2010, 05:18:28 PM

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Duskling doesn't think that would be fair, especially in the future. Sorry, algebra15.


This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!


Will this be continued? Or do I have to host the game myself?

Cause if so...

Sector: Corporate Sector

Has two moons. 15 points for Planet name, 3 additional for any species of inhabitants.


Planet: Bonadan

Species: Tortapo (Native), Human (Immigrated), Duros (Immigrated), Hiitians (Immigrated), Timbu (Immigrated), Tiss'shar (Immigrated).

Since I'm the one who should be making the rounds, I'll give half the points to Brom, and half to Duckling (I'll exclude the extra 1 because that would complicating things).

Bromtaghon: 61

Duckling: 32

Anyway, the planet is in the attachment below.


Sector: Corellian

One Immigrated Specie: Rodians

Sorry for the wait, nobody was really all that interested in this game after Brom disappeared.

Points: 15 points for name of planet, 5 points for each native specie, 3 points for every immigrated specie besides the Rodians, and 10 points for the "version" of the planet, as in "pre-...," "post-...," that kind of versions.


I should have known it was going to be one that was directly affected by the Mandalorian Wars...

Planet: Duro

Sector: Duro Sector (temporarily Corellian)

Native Species: Duro, Fefze Beetles, Cabbinal Arachnids.

Immigrant Species: Humans, Fefze.

Version: "Post-Mandalorian Occupation"?