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Charachter ideas

Started by Dorgon 5000, April 09, 2010, 01:25:30 PM

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Sorry, but I disagree. They don't need to know how to do it to be able to attack. It's instinct. They were a fighter in life and when they attack their ghostly medulla oblongotta tells their body what to do. Does everyone know how your arm moves? or how your eyes read this typing? No, but you're doing it. yes, they do have control. Are they aware of it? likely not. Jinns are primal ghosts, with no rational thought, yet they're able to persist.

Lets look at it another way. Who can do math? Mostly everybody. Who's really good at it? A lot less than before. Many people can use the gift, but they're not that "gifted" with it. Like the force. Juhanni didn't have the force at first, but she trained and trained and eventually was able to use it.When Rahel uses trueshaft she probably doesn't think about the gift at all in order to bend the arrow to her will. In fact, take a look at how one aims and shoots a bow. Do they pull out a calculator and figure out the wind speed, distance, angle and all those other things? No, they let their body do it.