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The Sight

Started by SmartyPants, July 06, 2010, 06:11:59 PM

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I understand how The Sight can see through the dark, but why can't The Sight see through tree branches in the Great Forest during Mission 3?


Maybe the contents of trees blocks the sight. Wait a sec doesn't the sight only work with using trails of thought emitting from others. Than creates a map in the hero's head.


The Sight uses more then "trails of thought emitting from others", because Baz's empty cellar doesn't have anyone there to scan, and Duvalier is still able to see.  I don't know how scanning works (maybe like echolocation), but I do know it is able see more than thought emissions.


Mm, certainly the range limitation recently included in the game has made it a tad more difficult to explain away all the bits and pieces of having the Sight. For that matter, it may very well be, simply put, an issue of perspective- as in the Hero/Main can see the entire battlefield without the branches getting in the way on the ground level, but bird's eyeview has them branches in the way (ie he/she is aware of the enemies there, after all, pressing "?" does reveal the enemy's health, even if a unit is under a tree, but from practical point of view, it's easier to keep the mental projection of the battlefield to "top-down", whilst obscuring some details through branches on the trees). Or, the leaf-and-branch framework is so complex with so many details that even a person with the Sight might have trouble visualizing all the details, hence the leaves and branches on some of the biggest trees act as an obstacle/unpenetrable object.
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