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Started by Steelfist, July 22, 2010, 01:09:47 PM

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"Of course, of course," Misad agreed, "Though I need to finish this mission first."

At that moment, the Brotherhood's diplomat exited the base.

OOC: Steelfist, since you are technically a member of the Shadows, you speak for them, so you take the roll of the diplomat of the Brotherhood, who states what the Shadows told him. Also, after this mission is accomplished, you give can Misad a meeting with the time and place, and tell him the mission there. I think that'll keep us busy, as long as we add some twists during the mission.


Huh? I was just guarding the base, and preparing for my mission. The diplomat is inside. I'll give Misad a place to meet Otharn, to travel with them to the location of the mission, though.


Quote from: Steelfist on September 04, 2010, 10:55:24 PM
Huh? I was just guarding the base, and preparing for my mission. The diplomat is inside. I'll give Misad a place to meet Otharn, to travel with them to the location of the mission, though.
You are our only member of the Shadows, therefore, I don't want to ally with you without your permission, so you can either give me permission, or do it yourself.


Oh; I see.

You can ally, but everyone knows the Shadows are only loyal to themselves. They might break the alliance, if it suited them.


OOC: Alrighty then.

IC: "Good news," the diplomat said to Misad, "The Shadows have agreed to an alliance, but with a catch."

"They could break the pact whenever they want?" Misad asked.

"Yes," replied the diplomat, "I guess everyone knows what they're like now, let's get back to HQ and tell them."

Back at the Brotherhood's Headquarters

"So they agreed?" asked Jyada.

"Yes, Father," answered the diplomat, "But this alliance may be fragile, so I suggest caution with what we say or do when it comes to the Shadows."

"Thank you for the advice," said Jyada, "I'll be careful with them, especially since we're in a war here."


Excellent. Now all we have to do is meet up and head out on the mission.



Zack woke up in a slight daze. He turned his head and breathed a sigh of relief; his boat was still where he had left it. He got up and stretched. He quickly lingered over to his boat and unlocked the lock. He shuffled onto it and pushed off from the rock ledge. He had to use the oar to get out of the cave but once he got back into the ocean he started sailing down the coast. It was a great day, He was in a runs and the wind was trying to blow him over. He adjusted his main and jib so he was sailing by the lee and headed off, not knowing where he was going or who we would meet.
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Xemadus Echina

Jace walked aimlessly around the forest.  After the True Humans were annihilated he had nothing left to do so he just wandered.  Occasionally he called forth his rage and created a fire golem but after awhile he realized that it was a bad idea to create so much chaos unnecessarily. 
Jace awoke in a cell.  He had no idea how he got there but what he did know is that it smelled of death.  He tried to look out but all he could see was darkness.  "Welcome human.  Welcome to hell, the main base of the demons."  Jace looked out and then tried to scan the area with his mind.  He felt a small ripple about seven feet to his left.  A large flame appeared and he saw a wall about ten feet in front of him as well as several newly lit lanterns.  The spriggat to his left was an enormous Spriggat and by the wall he saw another spriggat only this one was red.  "I am Cerzak.  My name was chosen due to the spriggat hero in antiquities.  Who are you human, one so callus as to enter our lands."  Jace looked up and simply said "I am Rainen, I am able to use both fire and light based abilities.  I am able to create a golem of pure fire to do my bidding."  Cerzak smiled and motioned for the red spriggat to come to his side.  Out of the darkness a white spriggat also appeared.  "These are Fac and Grotus(spelling of Grotus?).  They are both my sons, both of their names also with meaning.  Fac is the name of a demon who defeated the devil and Grotus, one who defeated the queen of shadowlings.  Now, you must wonder why you are still alive.  I will answer that, we saw your golem and we wish for you to become a shadow and use that golem in order to increase the fear that we demons inspire." 
"So, you have become so unnoticed that you need to branch out?" 
"How wrong you are human.  The shadowling pests have been engaging us as of late.  We are resorting to the ancient pact made by my namesake with you humans once more to put them in their place.  They have once again targeted our females and our numbers are once again dwindling.  Fortunately my mate is still breathing." 
"Ok i'll help.  But I'm not a slave or anything, right?"
"My sons will accompany you in your quest.  We fear that a new queen of the shadowlings have risen and that is why their numbers have grown."

OOC: bonus points if you know where I got Fac from :P.  Also anybody know what kind of name I could use for Cerzak's wife that would fit into my name scheme?
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