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Started by Steelfist, July 22, 2010, 01:09:47 PM

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OOC: Alright, that was good, but one thing was wrong: it's Misad Taq, not Tiq, otherwise, it was good.

Misad was being escorted by a Red Spriggat to the Deeper Downs, Khernon, his name was. Holding the red flag, Misad was thinking of what to ask of the Spriggat, to start with small talk, or something different? So many options.

"So, why me?" Misad asked Khernon.

"Simple: we need more men to combat the Alliance, or else we'll be outnumbered," replied Khernon.

"There are at least a dozen eyes watching us, aren't there?" Misad asked, feeling very faint emnations of sentries assigned to watch the entrance of the Brotherhood's base.

"So you've noticed them," said Khernon, "Impressive, but just barely."

"I suppose so," Misad agreed, "That's the entrance, correct?"

"Yes, it is" replied Khernon, "One of the Chiefs will give you an assignment, no mear mercenary is allowed to see the Father."

"I know that much," replied Taq, "So, what'll it be?"

"Interesting question, human," Khernon answered, "That is for the Chief you will be seeing to decide."


The Chief that Khernon led Misad to was sitting in an odd-looking chair, one made entirely out of rock.

"So," the Chief said, uopn inspecting Misad, "You have been chosen for a mission by Chief Jyada, eh?" he asked upon seeing Khernon.

"Yes I was," replied Taq, "What would you have me do?"

"We need you to ambush and obliterate an Alliance patrol," explained the Chief, "They want to find out what happened to the battalion they sent over here, don't let them."

"Oh, I assure you," said Misad, "I won't," now with an anticipating smirk on his face.

With that, the conversation was over, and Misad walked out of the room, and toward the Great Forest... his favorite hunting grounds.


OOC: Come on Dusk! I made some much of the story you could use, and you go with an unamed chief giving you a vague assignment, with no details, to complete an objective that two chiefs have already been assigned to? Where's the love? :'(

IC: Jyada approached the House of Shadows, the lair of the Shadows. It was, as always, difficult to find, as the procedure involved no less than ten hidden switches, and multiple deadly traps. Upon entering, he was surrounded by warriors, brandishing their weapons. He had been allowed to pass due to the sign he wore on his shirt, a whisp of black smoke over a map of Cera Bella. However, he still needed to prove that he was an ally of the Shadows.
"I have come to aid in the rise of Shadow, the fall of Lights and the twilight of a new era," Jyada said softly.
Recognizing the challenge had been met, they lowered their weapons, and Jyada was escourted into the House. He was met by a man he recognized, a psy named Hunin. They had met when the Shadows and Night Brothers had teamed up to repel a large group of Republic soldiers attempting to destroy the House of Shadows. Jyada had been sent to ask that this debt be paid, that the Shadows would help them to destroy the Alliance.
Jyada told Hunin, "I have been sent to seek your aid in destroying the Alliance, so that we may live with one less threat to our saftey and your debt to us will be paid."
After the ensuing conversation, Jyada returned to headquarters with the knowledge that the alliance had been forged, and the Shadows and Night Brothers would crush their opponents. Traveling with him, in addition to Hycea and Denzan, was a human who would share the information the Shadows had on the Alliance with the Night Brothers Chief Pyrx. Pyrx was acting head of intelligence, and his team was comprised solely of assassins, one of whom could heal.

At headquarters, Denzan and Hycea quickly left to see the trainer, and Jyada went to find Khernon. He found Khernon waiting for him, and they exchanged stories of events since their parting.
"I hope Misad proves useful. to us," said Jyada.
"You always look after the assets you bring to the Brothers," Khernon replied. He was correct. Unlike others who would capture a prisoner, recruit a mercenary, or whatever, then forget it, Jyada always kept track of them.
"Yes. Speaking of which, any news on the prisoner?"

OOC: Kndle, your turn!
Also, Duskling, I was mostly kidding about a lack of detail.
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OOC: That's me!

IC: Sigrun was relieved when the Shadowling left. She wasn't scared of him, not exactly, but his presence had made her very uneasy. She laid down on the hard stone and closed her eyes. It was time to gather her thoughts and concentrate. The guard that had been watching her had left for a moment, but Sigrun decided not to do anything disruptive. It wouldn't help her, it would only anger her captors. Sigrun blocked out the world around her and tried to use her Sight. Unfortunately, as she had assumed, the entire area was heavily Obfuscated. It was a waste of time to try, but Sigrun had nothing else to do, so she focused on it. Either they had a very skilled team, or a very, very, very skilled individual handling the Obfuscation. But Sigrun had time to wait for a tiny slip-up.

As her mind probed at the invisible 'barrier', Sigrun heard the guard reentering. He knocked something on the bars. Sigrun opened her eyes and looked up at him. He had a glass of water in his hand, which he was offering to her. Sigrun stood up, walked over, and took it. No need to be obstinate. Might as well drink it up. Sigrun put the glass to her lips and took two gulps. She really was extremely thirsty. She set the glass down and suddenly felt very odd. Sigrun put her back to the wall and slid down. Her head felt tight, and she was so tired.

A few hours later, Sigrun awoke. She rubbed her eyes and let out a sigh. Except...she couldn't see. Anything. Her hand reached out, and she felt the wall. It was much colder than the one in her cell. Wherever she was, it was very small. Sigrun stood up and touched both walls at the same time. She tried to think, but her mind felt feeble. Sigrun sat back down and rubbed her eyes. She couldn't see a guard, but she knew one must have been there, somewhere. "Hello! I'm ready to talk now!" Sigrun shouted. Whatever this room was, she wanted out of it, now. Hopefully she could get out on good behavior, but Sigrun doubted that.

OOC: I feel like I should've put more, but I couldn't think of anything else. Edit: Added it in.


Remeber the treatment I told the guard to give you? They were supposed to give you Psy-sapping drug and then put you in solitary confinement.....
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The Holy namelesskitty

OOC sorry for not posting, turns out that there was no internet where I was vacationing.

IC: Cassiopia was in the capital, and to be even more specific within a broken vault with her team treading a wide circle around her. suddenly a voice came from behind her, "Stop!"

She brushed it off as nothing, she got this whenever she stole something of this value.

"Stop immediately!" the undefined voice shouted, this time noticeably closer.

Cassiopia became more worried, she began to work frantically, had her guard been broken that quickly, and silently too? "Who are you," She shouted into the blackness ahead, "show yourself!"

"I'm not hiding." the voice calmly replied, "But as for my name that is of no substance" A heavy hand grabbed her shoulder.

Cassiopia gave a start and then spun around dagger in hand, and then was pinned to the ground by a heavy blow to the side.

"I'll be asking the questions here" the large figure said, with almost musical calmness.

"That doesn't even make sense in the current context." Cassiopia pointed out, glad to have scored a small victory.

"I couldn't think of anything else." the male voice replied defensively, "I also happen to be a psy of the evolved, so don't try anything. You are now officially taken prisoner. he quickly slapped handcuffs on Cassiopia and began to lead her out./

"Now that I'm your prisoner you can at least tell me your name and how you reached me." Cassiopia said in her diplomatic voice.

"Alright then, you can call me Les," the figure replied " as for how I reached you, I killed one of your minions."
OOC: hooray for references to other RPs

IC: "which one, could you describe him of her." Cassiopia replied in the most calm voice she could muster. dead she thought oh please don't let it be Tomoe, she was my friend since childhood.

"She was Tall and lanky She had black hair, she was not a psy"

it was Tomoe Cassiopia thought. "I see" Cassiopia, said just barely keeping he voice from faltering.

"It was quick and less painful than you wish for my death to be." Les continued in the most infuriatingly calm voice.

that last remark had taken the lid off of Cassiopia's rage and she led it out. "I hope you burn in hell!" she shouted withoud restraint. and those were the last words that Les ever heard.

All that was left was ashes some of them still burning, and then as her emotional cap had been lifted she cried. Tomoe had been her Closest and truest friend and now she was gone. Cassiopia from that moment on decided that The Evolved were going to be destroyed and she would be the one to do it. and now she had the means as well, a red orb and white orb pulsed in her hands she then ran off into the night towards Lake alto, Loki, Lily and Shane folliwing.
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You didn't mention how you obtained the orbs, nor that you had them; and anyway, objects like the orbs are too important simply to 'have'.


Khernon replied: "No news yet. Only a few days have passed, she will break soon."
Jyada said: "Fair enough. And the assassin?"
"He was sent to kill an Alliance partol an hour ago. He will return shortly."
A messanger arrived, bearing a summons for Jyada to visit the Father. He went to the assignment room. As always, the Father was their.
"Sit, Jyada. We have much to discuss. Firstly, I would like to thank you, both for the new assassin and the prisoner. I am certain both will be valuable assets. Now, on to buisness. We have confirmed with our friend from the Shadows that the Alliance is harbored at Lake Alto. However, we learned that they are specifically located at an abandon cave at the center of the Lake. It is unacessable, except by boats and flying. We have no ships, and neither do the Shadows. We will be hard pressed to gain enough boats, and flying will exclude our human soldiers, which will severly reduce the effectiveness of our army. Do you have any ideas?"
"Well, sir, we could take advantage of our Psys with Cyro affinities. They could freeze bridges across the lake......"
"No, no, they will just melt the bridges and have their bowmen aim at the bridge."
"Sir...... how do their human members get acess to their hideout?"
"Intelligence points towards rowboats in the dead of night. Why?"
Jyada grinned, and said cruelly, "I believe we could arrange to.... borrow their boats"
"My intelligence said that this would be a difficult route, as we would only have one venue of attack."
"True. How about this. We have one team at a time take the boats across, a few teams try to cross with my freezing idea, and the majority of our forces will lead a suprise attack through the caves. We will need to scout it out, but I am confident that we will find a way."
"That seems a good plan, but we lack both a route through the caves, and teams foolish enough to make frozen bridges."
"I will provide both."
"How will you lead teams through the caves and assualt via frozen bridges?"
"I will take the assassin i recruited, Misad, with me when I go to the caves. He will show the route on the day of the attack."
"Excellent plan Jyada! Gather you team, rest, train, then head to Lake Alto with all speed!"
"Will do." Jyada left the assignment room, told his team of the news, and went to the assassin trainer. An old shadowling, who claimed to be descendant of Darkling himself. While he doubted the claim, he could not argue that the trainer was excellent, and he spent the next few hours working on silent, unseen movement. He then rested, waiting for his assassin to return.

OOC: Steelfist, check the faction list, you have the Shadows on twice. I recommended renaming the shadowling group, as I am using the other one already.
Quote from: MikeW781 on July 25, 2010, 07:11:49 PM
OOC: The Shadows are on the faction list twice. The Shadowlings one could be renames to the Dark Ones or something. When I said Shadows, I meant the "powerful Psy group dedicated only to themselves"
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I've already changed it; maybe you should check before posting.


Sorry, I should have checked
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QuoteYou didn't mention how you obtained the orbs, nor that you had them; and anyway, objects like the orbs are too important simply to 'have'.

It was implied that I was stealing them from the vault, sorry if that was confusing.
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So you broke in to a vault that just 'had' two orbs? It would be fair enough with one, I suppose, but two?

The Holy namelesskitty

fine, just the red one I thought it might have been overdone.
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It wasn't hard finding the patrol, if anyone could call it that. One bronze golem, two archers, and three swordsmen, but it was better than silencing civillians, for sure. It was just before 7:00 p.m., just getting dark. One of the memebrs of the patrol, an archer, tripped on a tree root, and Misad saw his chance. The others didn't notice their comrade's disappearance, so, with a silenced *bang,* Misad took him out. Shortly thereafter, another archer was lagging behind, giving Misad an ample opportunity to blow his head off as well. Now, with all the swordsmen were gathered around the bronze golem, Misad unholstered one of his grenades (is that ok?) and threw it at the golem. The grenade had been set to explode on impact, so when it hit the golem, the rest of the patrol was shredded along with it.


The assassin returned to the Deeper Downs, where he was greeted by Khernon.

"Assassin," Khernon said, "You must meet with Chief Jyada."

"Great," replied Misad, "Another assignment?"

"That is for you to discuss inside," answered Khernon.


"Hello again, Misad," greeted Jyada.

"Always a pleasure," replied Misad.

"Now, let's get down to business," began the Shadowling...

OOC: Mike, since I don't know how you'd say it, I'd like you to post with the rest of the conversation.

Xemadus Echina

OOC: The Demons- Adopting the name to scare others, this is an all spriggat group, with the same goal as The Shadows. Their name, combined with their appearance, often causes an enemy to break and run, without even fighting. just thought i should point that continuity mistake out.  you meant the shadowling group right?

Jace was shooting off light blasts and pyro blasts at a large rock formation.  Occasionally he shot them off at an angle so they would collide but he just couldn't seem to get them to match up and fuse I wish I could make it work again...  Why is it I haven't been able to fuse them since that time...  Rainen closed his eyes and thought back to when his parents were murdered.  If only I could have helped them before...  Rainen closed his eyes and began to cry.  A second later his rage consumed him and he let loose a torrent of flame that exploded in a flash of light (blinding flames)  wow that was amazing  a second later Jace fell to the ground asleep.  The rock was left with burn marks and marks that looked like a lightning bolt shattered it.  In the distance two mysterious figures with a small army came into the area.  
OOC:  mike or dusk that's your cue to bring me into this.
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I think Mike'll do that along with the conversation, as I don't know what he'll say and don't want to control his character.