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Initial Recommended Character Stats

Started by KZ, February 09, 2010, 12:58:21 PM

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What Nazx was saying was that if you have very low PP and/or PD then you'll be able to convince Azma because you'll have high Aptitude/Personality. It was a joke.


Grammar! >_<


I always have 12 Aptitude and 12 Personality from the start, just because they're the hardest to train.
I usually start with 5/7/12/12 (PP/PD/P/A).  I use the Main to heal before I get Set and to draw fire away from his teammates, with another health to survive an unplanned accidental attack.  He can complete the Arman sidequest to get an extra speed and can talk his way out of the Azma battle, and upgrading the Psy Power from there is pretty cheap.
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