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Nameless One And Hero

Started by Nameless, July 17, 2010, 01:10:05 PM

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Do you think Nameless One is The Hero?

Unconvinced on Either
Never Thought About it


Maybe another point: The Nameless One wishes he could have done more to save his parents, and David says (at the end of TRPG 2) that he and the Main are the only ones left. Meaning their parents died while the Main was enslaved (since Falstaff talks about the siblings' father in TRPG 1). David seems pretty upset about it, while the Main doesn't really show anything. It could be she/he was being strong for the little brother, but I think it stacks more evidence to David, as their was nothing the Main could have done, not even knowing about the deaths until 1-4 years after.


Darn it! I would have sworn it was the Hero, because in the Psy Academy bit of dialogue with the trainer there, and she asks who your trainer is, you can say, "errm.... Bob the Magnificent?". Bob the Magnificent is the first practice hero in the TRPG2 tutorials, and equivalent to the Hero.
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Wow, I never even new that Craig said that it was a character we knew. Wow, I thought it was a new character...

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not any more, I just looked at it, and I really didn't think of it at all.
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Methinks David.

KZ, I'm stealing the word for that sentence only because it works so well.


But David was the most talented SCANNER. And he didn't fight persay so he can't be a veteran of the Shadow War.


Who do you think it is? No-longer-Gamlin' Jack?


As I said, the Nameless One may be the TRPG2 Hero. He/she would be a Vetean of the Shadow War.


Nameless One was called an 'old codger'. Do you call a woman that?


If someone was really trying to insult them. And maybe for the sake of realism, the nameless one was given a gender for the sake of making the game more realistic.


Nah, that would imply that the Hero was male. I don't believe Craig would do that.

And Griffin wasn't trying to insult Nameless One in the scene.

Idozen Cair

Quote from: KZ on July 25, 2010, 10:36:27 AM
It does boil down to definitions, but David certainly participated during the Shadow Wars, as he was, effectively, used to break through the Spriggat obfuscation (at least, that is the implication), and he was quite alive and well during the last couple of years of the war, staying at the Psy Academy. Methinks he qualifies (especially as one of the definitions of a veteran is: "a person who has served in the armed forces ", which David certainly did, though, as noted above, not on his own accord).
Well, wouldn't David be to young to be the Nameless One? Some of the people also said that Anya and Guy are too young to be the Nameless One, so David fails to be the Nameless One even more utterly, won't him?
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Though, honestly, we don't know how far into the future the game is from TRPG2.

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Some people in the forum said it was 20 years or something of the sort.
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