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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 10:55:15 AM

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Granted, but they're made by my grandma (uurrghghhhh!)

I wish these letters stopped moving.


Granted. So does your heart.

I wish for really good tacos


Granted, but Duskling steals them.

Duskling wishes for a budgie.


Granted. But you forget what it is.

Bugfartboy wishes to know what a budgie is.


Granted -- it's a kind of elephant.

(no, actually it's a bird)

I wish for time to end.
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!


Granted. It does for you. The rest of us go along like normal.

Bugfartboy wishes for a dish of wish fish wishes on a silver wish fish dish.


Granted, but it looks like it came out of Dr. Seuss.

I wish for toothpaste. I can't find mine.
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!


Granted. It's someplace on your body that bugfartboy can't mention without getting banned.

Bugfartboy wishes that they didn't look like they came out of doctor seuss.


granted, but they look so ugly they burn your eyes

pruneman wishes people would stop talking in the third person
pruneman is awesome!!!!!!!!!


Granted. You start doing it.

I wish I didn't have band camp all morning.


Granted, but you have orchestra.

I wish my parents let me try coke.
I've choked on bubble gum 3 times. Yes, 3.


Granted. It's the best thing ever, and you're addicted.

I wish not for the world to end, nor for time to go at an incredibly fast rate for me, but for the whole  world's time to stop. That way, when I needed a sandwich, I wouldn't have to wait for lunchtime.
This is Gambit. The cards are about to explode. Goodbye!

The Holy namelesskitty

granted, but then due to its lack of orbit the earth is pulled into the sun.

I wish for even more regulars (within the bounds of reason)
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Granted. They hack you.

I wish for a kitty cannon.


Granted, bugfartboy magically became a kitty. bugfartboy can guess the rest.

Duskling wishes for a giant chocolate bar to fall on his head.