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Technology & It's Advances

Started by Tastidian, March 31, 2012, 05:27:56 PM

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High-end technological companies is conceited just look at what they plan.

P.S. I vote making everything other than normal text on this forum html style.
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I'm not sure that the prediction/timeline is evidence that high end electronics companies are conceited so much as overoptimistic. I don't believe that they can accomplish everything planned in the time alloted (Particularly 2025+), but declaring them conceited for attempting to is conceited in itself; the rate of invention is implausable, yes, but without knowledge of the subject matter and participation in the research you cannot possibly know that such inventions are impossible, or not possible within the time predicted.

I would like to think they can accomplish all they plan to, in the time they predict. While I think they may have set themselves a difficult or impossible target, I am not part of their research division, and thus cannot comment on their progress and likelihood of success. And I don't see what difference it makes if they are conceited to make such claims, as long as they attempt to fulfill them.

P.S. Why on earth would we want to change the forum text?