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end of demo

Started by mezzoforte, September 16, 2010, 01:16:48 AM

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Maybe to sove that issue, you could have people pre-pay.  Pre-pay would also help you get funds for completing the game and would allow people to test the game without skipping out on the bill.  The pre-payers could look for bugs before the complete edition is released.

The Holy namelesskitty

that sounds good, but it does raise the issue of how many people will buy afterwards if you can pre pay?
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Quote from: The Holy namelesskitty on September 19, 2010, 03:17:53 PM
that sounds good, but it does raise the issue of how many people will buy afterwards if you can pre pay?
I don't see why it matters if someone pre-pays or regular pays.  Craig gets the same amount of money.


So if they pre-pay, they get early on access to the game; but if they regular pay, they have to wait?

Xemadus Echina

ok clearing things up:
1: I have been around since the old forums.  I was friends with ender and was distraught at the fact that he never showed up on the new forums :(
2: the time i joined was when TRPG2 was about in the middle of it's production.
3: the site i made was made out because i felt the need to give back more to the community then i have been in a way that i can do so in a helpful way.
4: the pre-pay idea has my support (especially since i have a credit card now ^_^) [spoiler]although i would still prefer the full game to be posted online in the private site :P[/spoiler]
5: money can buy you happiness! people who make about 75000 a year are statistically the happiest people! oh wait wrong comment....
6: hehe i totally forgot about that post ^_^ and yea that was a bit strange on how all that worked out Craig. 
7:[spoiler= answer to an old topic] in answer to your comment on where donations worked out. [spoiler= note to craig] [spoiler= reference to other site] the owner, An, has only ever asked for donations and apparently they're either working well for him or else he has some other form of income.  he has 2 games out (well almost 2) and a third on the way with no hint of ever having to pay to play the game.  now granted you do get bonus content (even though it's not much at all)[/spoiler] maybe in the future do what you did with trpg2. have a special edition that you buy and get some bonus content then have a free version that you can still play to the end of the game. and im not sure if you do so already put put a donation button in corner of the window. or in credits section or in just the main page.[/spoiler] {jeez talk about some extreme topic necroing huh? XD[/spoiler]
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