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Where is the father?

Started by SmartyPants, February 20, 2010, 10:13:08 AM

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Quote from: The Grotesquery on January 08, 2011, 12:58:56 AMI recall Craig saying that the time between TRPG2 and SoG are 20 years. David couldn't be the Nameless One.
I don't think Craig has ever told us the number of decades between the games.  Depite the persistency of some members, Craig has decided to leave the timeline as a mystery. 

P.S. All the evidence points towards the father dying during the Hero's enslavement, depite the fact that David didn't explain everything that happened in the last three years in his one paragraph of dialogue.


Probbaly Dead.

My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....


I suspect it is significantly greater than 20 years since the events of TRPG2.


My head got shot up once. And I lived and my head Remained.....


Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and mention that given the age of Anya in TRPG:SoG, I'm almost certain the Nameless One is David. I haven't managed to finish the game, due to a couple of game-breaking bugs the last time I tried, so apologies if that's made explicit in an ending.

Regardless, the father is almost certainly long dead.


The Nameless One is referred to as "a veteran of the Shadow War", so he's not David. I thought it was pretty clear that he was the protagonist of TRPG2.


Heck, no. The TRPG2 Hero is gender-indeterminate. That's pure canon, not just an artificial choice in the beginning of the game; the fact that their gender isn't defined is Word of God. Plus, there's this quote from the Wiki, presumably sourced from the epilogue:

QuoteAfter the Shadow War, David will become a Black Cape at the head of his class in record time. He will be considered as having the most advanced Scanning abilities of any Psy alive.

Who else is going to be running such strong obfuscation and misdirection for the Resistance? That's advanced Psy technique; while the Hero was big on raw power, David sounds like he was more capable when it comes to the delicate things. I wouldn't put too much faith in "veteran of the Shadow War" -- that could just easily be a bit of exaggeration or miscommunication. After all, isn't it Baz who describes him as such? Baz could have heard him say that he was with the Psy Academy when the Shadow War was going down and just inferred his participation, for instance.

Plus, it makes more sense for the Nameless One to be detached from elemental affinities, since he's equally capable of training Duvalier in all four elemental schools. If it were the TRPG1+2 Hero, you'd think he'd have some sort of bias towards Heat training (being one of the world's most talented pyrokineticists), but nothing like that gets mentioned.