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Crypt 2 Walkthrough

Started by Barzul, February 18, 2010, 05:40:35 PM

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(Note: The lights couldn't be turned in different directions on the first floor when I made it through, but I managed to grab everything without moving them anyway. And this walkthrough is for 100% completion, fighting both battles, getting the map, and both orbs.)

Ground Floor:
Go left of the staircase, avoid the arrows and ground spikes back there and pull the lever in the far corner. Go back to the staircase, the sandfalls will have turned off. There will be two inscriptions under, which read:

The route to the head (The book room) is through the stomach (the first floor).

As you descend into the body of the dead (the crypt),
Beware the feet (Ghost Pit)- they are unclean (have a ghost battle).
Beware the bowels (the searchlight room and sword room)- for you are meat.
Press the pores (the buttons on the first floor)- don't press your luck (read the walkthrough ;) ).

Then go up the stairs to start the crypt.

The Stomach:
There is a button next to the staircase, press it. The room will fill with roving ghosts. Its very hard to avoid the,, but if they do hit you its only one battle against 6 cryo-ghosts. After a single battle, all the ghosts disappear.

Now some of the blocks in the first floor will be gone. Next go down and take the first left. In the corner is another button, press it. More blocks are moved around. Go right and down until you reach the bottom right corner. Press the button there. Go up, left, and down in a giant U to reach the bottom left corner. Pressing this button will open a trapdoor that leads into the Ghost Pit. There is no other options at this point, besides this you are trapped.

The Feet:
The battle is a little harder, against four lesser ghosts, 2 cryo ghosts, and 4 ghost knights. After the battle, walk right and down to the staircase. There is a gauntlet of arrow traps. Wait for two of the diagonally fired arrows and run to the lever. Pull the lever, it opens a staircase at the bottom of the gauntlet. Watch the arrows and wait for an opening, run down and right, into the corner. There is a light source and a lever, pull the lever and walk up the stairs you just opened up.

The Bowels (West):
Go right. There is a chest between several spike indentations. They will not hurt you though, as you turned them off with the second lever in the Ghost Pit. Open the chest and recieve the map. Walk up, there is a circling spotlight, the rest of the room is dark. Walk right for a while, there is a secret passage. It will be pitch black, but move the mouse around until it turns into a hand, click and open the hidden chest. You get the yellow orb! Walk left until you are back in the bowels and get to the top of the room, snaking through. Watch when the spotlight goes over an area as there are plenty of spikes. The exit is in the top left corner.

The Stomach (Part 2):
You are back on the 1st floor. Go back to the start and press the first button again. Walk down and left to get the second button once more. THIS TIME, go right, down, right, up, and right to get to the button in the right top corner. Press it. The east staircase opens, don't take it yet. Walk down and left until you get to the left bottom corner. Press this button, which opens a hallway in the east room, then go back to the east staircase. Take it.

The Bowels (East):
Walk left. There will be a second room beyond the hallway. Watch out for the spinning swords and spikes. There is a chest in the top left corner that has 500 gold, and a button in the bottom left corner. Take the gold, press the button, and go back to the 1st floor.

The Stomach (Part 3):
Walk left and down to get to the south staircase. Take it.

Go up and take the staircast.

This room has two turning spotlights. (Note: Unless you have the yellow orb equipped, you won't be able to get into the book room) Go up and left to find a chest. Open it to get another 500 gold. Don't walk up anymore, there is a spike. Go back down and walk right. Watch out for the spike by the boulder next to the spotlight. Go right and up until you reach the top half. There is a spike in the middle of the right side, watch out. Walk up the stairs at the top of the room and you made it!

The Mind:
Walk over to the chest, open it for the Violet orb. Grab the books and you will leave. Woo!

Note: in what I think is a bug, if you walk back down the staircase from the book room, a giant block covers the staircase, and traps you so you are unable to move. And also great work on the Crypt CraigStern!


Quote from: Barzul on February 18, 2010, 05:40:35 PMgreat work on the Crypt CraigStern!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Though frankly, considering the effort it took to design this thing, I'm a little perturbed that you apparently conquered it so quickly. ;)

[spoiler]Just FYI: the patience riddle in the Head is about the yellow orb. You won't be able to progress into the Mind unless you have it equipped.[/spoiler]


Don't worry CraigStern, its not that you didn't put enough work into it, its that some of your fans have no life. :)

As any consolation, it took me a while to find out how to open the south staircase, finding the second button, I went into the Ghost Pit about 5 times.



the crypt wasnt short we just work fast
mock the pheonix you will burn


I went through it even faster--I couldn't find the second button at first so I went and got the yellow orb before pressing it and breezed through the whole thing.


how do you know you went through it faster none of us had said how long it took us
mock the pheonix you will burn


"faster" in this sense means Presentiment took less steps to reach the same goal, thereby he was faster.


Essentially, you can finish the crypt without getting the map and fighting the two battles. That's the faster, but not complete, route.
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I think the Crypt has been changed since the walkthrough. The stomach, part 2, shows the same arrangment of blocks as it did in part 1.

Xemadus Echina

to be honest getting the map and fighting the 2 battles seems pointless since you can fight guards to get money and you can fight in deeper downs for exp with the nympths healing the other bugs.  and the map is only useful if you're in the crypt so once you beat it you don't need it anymore.
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Well, the map can be useful to find your way around. It's also a means to ensure that the player doesn't dispair- after all, when the first Crypt came about and you're on your 3rd level, you do start to wonder when will it end? And will it be worth it? With a map, those questions are answered pretty easily.
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yeah telepath wiki have the same stuff as he said but telepath wiki help more  ;)


Why do you need to equip the yellow orb?  I don't understand that part.

Also, just to the left of that final door to the books, there is a tile button on the floor.  But I can't seem to push it.  How come?


1. It gives you focus, which is needed to enter the "Brain.
2. No idea.
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