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Ha, ha and double ha!

Started by Idozen Cair, March 14, 2011, 09:59:27 AM

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The song is funny (most of the links lead to it) and is slightly related to the joke.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.

Idozen Cair

There's no reason behind that because it's not the main point of the joke.

What do you get from crossing an egg with a Shakspeare play?

I doesn't care, do I?

Steel Ersatz Man

Here is a list of Yo Mama jokes copied from the internet:

Yo Momma so Smelly:

the government make her wear a biohazard warning

she made Right Guard call for backup.

even the dogs won't smell her.

she wiz playin in my Sand Box and the cat came along and buried her.

her poo is glad to escape.

that standing next to a skunk, the Skunko smells sweet.

that when you was being born, the doctor's and nurses all had to wear oxygen masks...

even sewer rats get outta her way.

that farmers use her bathwater as liquid fertilizer...

Yo Momma so Dirty:

she has to creep up on the bath water.

that standin next to a tramp, she make the tramp look like a butler.

that her house is so dirty I gotta wipe my feet before I go back outside.

she lost 2 stone after taking a shower

that even the Swamp Thing insisted she showered.

Yo Momma so Greasy:

texaco buy oil from her

her freckles slipped off.

the Chip Shop uses her sweat as Deep Fry

her idea of bottled water is the left over oil slime from a bacon, sausage and egg fry up.

she uses bacon as a band aid.

(I've taken the ones I thought were a little bit innapropriate out).

We are the steel alliance. None shall take our hill!


That was certifiably disgusting.  >:(


While I like to tell jokes, I refrain myself from posting some of them here. There are a couple of reasons for doing this:
- They're in my native language and not directly translated;
- They may be considered of bad taste or inappropriate for some age groups. Remember that anyone can browse through these forums (even if not registered).

In my view, the "Yo momma" jokes are slightly insulting (not enough to be removed, in my opinion) even if they're not targeted at anyone in particular.

Duckling: It seems that you used an automatic translator...
Try Lost in translation for some funny results.

By the way, see my reply to your question in What does Ertxiem stand for?.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.

Xemadus Echina

I think some of you are missing the point that it is a JOKE. last i checked jokes didn't have to make sense.  And i know for a fact that some parents DESPISE long hair. my own father being one of them (but now he's alone rotting in his house for all i care so ^_^) sometimes it's because of a militairy background, sometimes its because of hatred towards hippies, sometimes its just for some other strange reason.  but the WHY isn't important in a joke because jokes aren't always based on reality.

i'd share a joke but my nucleus accumbens is out of whack so i'm not really in the mood for it.
im writing a book!;topicseen
heres a free verse poem I wrote for school
You never know
Just what you will find after you
Lost your favorite thing. But
The important thing is that the
Game you play will help you to get by.


Idozen Cair

A dog was staring at a hen hungrily.

'I will treat you like how you treat that hen!' yelled the dog's owner.

The dog then licked the hen's backside.
I doesn't care, do I?

The Holy namelesskitty

NASA needed a volunteer who was a non astronaut for a mission which there would be no return from. Eventually they narrowed what few applicants they had down to three, a naturalist, a physician and a lawyer. They were undecided on who to send so they asked each how much it would cost and where the money would go.

The naturalist said "A million, no less! And each penny goes to the advancement of environmental science!"

The physician said "Two million! Half for my family and the other to the cure for HIV/AIDS, not a single cent less!"

The lawyer said "Three million" Immediately the interviewers asked, "What for that's three times what the naturalist said." "A million for me, a million for you and we send that guy."
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