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The Two Academies

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Noxus became very annoyed as the little gelf disrupted his senses and made a break for it. The next few minutes were tumultuous and loud. Two things he hated so much. The others were shouting as if they were being accosted, but surely the girl couldn't easily run and mind blast at once. "Trace it to its source," he thought. There were multiple blasts inside the walls, but also several outside. As Noxus' sight returned to him, he saw a couple of his fellows unconscious on the ground and the rest out of sight. They must have chased after the gelf through the east gate. But why then, would she have tried any mind blasts around north side of the academy? Besides her pursuers there would be no one there. She must have had help, and that help led his men around and away. "You've got to be kidding me," he thought, "this is just absurd." It was far too late to follow after the gelf, but this second one could be found. Most likely he or she was in the northeast building, both because its position was proper for such an assault and because it was the student dormitory building. But what could he do? Scan every student in there? That would be fun. Yeah. Real fun. "Ah, well. I need to get those fools back in here anyway." Noxus floated to the north gate, had it opened and shouted to the guards who now were coming round the corner, "get back here, you idiots! You've been tricked." They all slowed at the words of their superior and traveled back to the gate. He told them, "I believe that escapee had a partner who assisted her. Search the dorms inconspicuously. Record anything- or anyone- that could be related, but alter nothing." "Yes sir," said one, and the lot of them headed over toward the dorms. "I told you going that way was a bad idea," said one to another. "Shut up!" came response. "This was humiliating. I cannot allow another such fiasco to happen," he thought to himself. This wasn't the worst thing that could happen, but it was bearing more resemblance every day.

The next day, sure enough, a cape and slip of paper were in the room. A list of classes, it seemed. That was expected. Noxus drew up the cape and looked at it. A shadowling couldn't very well wear a cape, but he had a bright idea he'd been meditating on since his first contemplation of joining the academy. He folded the cape's width down to a sixth its typical size. The "cape rope" was then easily tied around his wrist. "Dandy," he said to himself. According to the notice, though, his first class didn't start for another hour. Unable to remain still any longer, he left his bare dorm and took a look around the building. This place was pretty empty save for dorms and a cellar entrance. Hey... ah, what the heck, it's not like there wasn't time. Noxus opened the cellar door and floated down. The place was fairly empty. He went further into the cellar, past some boxes, down another few steps and came to see something rather unexpected: a number of bugs like those from the Deeper Downs. "Whoa... awesome!"

The Holy namelesskitty:
Cassiopia awoke from her trance, and walked into the charred wreckage that once meant home to her, she touched the nearest upstanding pillar and nearly it gave way, but she caught herself and nothing fell other than a few sooty chips. Then something amazing and in all respects truly fantastical happened, Cassipoia heard the voice of her mother, it was calm, sensible, beautiful, eloquent and everything else it should have been. At first the speech was indistinct but soon the voice became clear, it instructed her to press ahead. Unable to argue Cassiopia did so without question.

"to your left and under that fallen arch."

Cassiopia obeyed, she could do nothing else and never would have wished to. At Cassiopia's feet lay the burnt body of her mother.

"In my hand darling, the cloth. Take it; it is the name the one to burn me, it is only right that you know, and only, is it right, that you make a choice."

"Mom, I" cassiopia responded unsure if her mother was really there and could hear.

"please do go on."

"Why did you leave yourself why didn't you save yourself and instead run back into the blaze for me?"

"There was too much blood on my hands, such is the curse of our people. And I loved you more than the world you were everything to me and I knew it better to die while you lived than to live while you died, and I made the right choice and I will never regret it."

Cassiopia read the name aloud " Daniel Tanner" then she said into the empty blackness that surrounded the burnt home, " Pray I never see you Daniel Tanner, because I despise pain and suffering, so I will kill you right away.

OOC: Kitty... It doesn't seem very Telepath RP-ish. Just IMO.

Hey, this is an interesting story. I know it's been going on for a while, but could I make a character and join?

Sure Gath, go ahead. Just remember to follow the template on the first page.


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