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The Gift an analogy for homosexuality?

Started by Chocobo_Fan, May 11, 2012, 07:18:30 PM

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I know the title may seem strange. Hear me out.

I'm not saying that the Gift is literally a metaphor for homosexuality, and in fact I think "homosexuality" can be substituted for lots of other things that central religious organizations disapprove of. But it's one of the more controversial issues in today's society, and it's what led me to this conclusion.

The other day, I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a decent fellow, but very entrenched in his religious beliefs. We got into a debate about gay rights, and midway through the conversation, a chill ran down my spine as I realized we were acting out the final conversation between Duvalier and Cygnus, almost word-for-word. We used the same arguments: I told him that there was scientific evidence that homosexuality is an innate thing, not a choice, and he countered that it's not a sin to be homosexual, just to act on those desires (eerily similar to Cygnus saying that whether or not people are born with the Gift, they choose to use it, and that is a sin).

I remember a blog post a while back where Craig was lamenting that so few video game critics earnestly analyzed his game for the writing and "central metaphors". I wonder if this is one of those? I think it is an interesting area of inquiry regardless. What do you think?


I'll admit, the title made me do a double take.

I think you may have a point about it being a metaphor for things that much of organised religion frowns upon, and homosexuality is certainly on that list. I'd be very surprised if Craig intended it any other way.

I might not have used homosexuality as the initial example, but, essentially, I agree.

I'm simply mentioning, we do not know how Craig feels about most - if any - controversial issues, and the game does present a 'pro-gift' message, so by using a specific example you imply that Craig feels positively about that specific example, and he may or may not feel this way.


Well yes, I'm not presuming anything. I was more concerned about provoking a discussion in general, however.

I agree that it doesn't have to be just homosexuality; as I said, it can probably be used to fit many other things. It was just the first thing that sprung to my mind, due to the aforementioned conversation I had.


To me, prejudice against homosexulaity is one of most obvious themes in TSoG. 

Griffin wishes that his parents would accept him for the way he was born like Duvalier's parents do.  This is obviously supposed to mirror gay children receiving prejudice from their own parrents.  Even though Griffin is a psy, his parents expect to suppress his abilities.  This is similar to religious parents who expect their gay children to choose to ignore their homosexual urges.

The anti-miscegenation bill also seems to be about gay marriage.