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psy academy challenges

Started by torugo, February 20, 2010, 09:38:33 PM

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i think it would be fun if you put in challenges at the psy academy where you can face bosses that you have defeated and other challenges like from the psy arenas also featuring winning orb's over certain ones or certain amount of wins
mock the pheonix you will burn


Leave the psy arena battles to the psy arena games, and that would slow down production of the game a lot.
Yeah, I'm a snowman. Got a problem with that?


not really, as the arena (I think, not 100 percent sure) runs on the same engine. There would be a little to change (like all the characters would be loaded not from stock characters but from the TSOG characters), but it'd be mostly just copy and paste..


Yes, I agree... I could be a tournament in the academy with an orb as the reward...


Why would the Psy Academy have challenges like from the psy arena?  Why would the Psy Academy put thier paying students in extreme dangers?  Why would they let the Hero join the challenges when he isn't a student?


If he has a high enough aptitude and personality he could convince his way in, the contest could be for black capes only and the contest could be like a talent show, but with danger.


A series of duels; just you against another psy?



Unless they leveled up with you and had a different array of attacks.


Not unless it was in a very small area where there was very little room to retreat to.


Or a remake of the original fighting screen (in TRPG 1). Could be a nice touch; a reference to previous games.


I would like that. But the attacks and such would definately need some work.