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Your thoughts or ideas on the ending

Started by Idozen Cair, December 31, 2010, 11:31:19 AM

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Unless Yawah/Nelis isn't the final boss. What if Cygnus is? Cygnus who has somehow employed the help of Nelis/Yawah.


Nelis died.
/all discussion of her outside of the related thread
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[Warning--this topic contains spoilers!]

This one of TSoG's possible endings.  I don't suggest reading it unless you already got this ending from playing Mission 5.

[spoiler]With Duvalier's defection to the Cult of Yawah, the Resistance was given a chance to flee the armory.

However, they remained under-equipped and unable to avail themselves of Luca's Life-Restoring powers.  With Duvalier's Knowledge of their hideouts, the Resistance was forced to flee into the mountains around Somnus.

Duvalier was welcomed into the Cult of Yawah. Later, after publicly disclaiming all rumors that he had ever possed the Gift, he was rewarded with a spot among the Acolytes.

As an Acolyte, Duvalier would become one of Cygnuss most accomplished and brutal inquisitors. However. Duvalier was widely distrusted as a turncoat, even among those who supported the Cult. He was especially despised by those who had hoped for the People's Resistance of Ravinale to succeed in returning democracy to the city.

With his newfound influence, Duvalier was pardoned for his offenses against the Cult. Eventually, he was ale to secure a pardon for his parents as well, who returned to the city (though not to politics).

As for the Resistance, it never quite recovered from Duvalier's betrayal. Ravinale remains isolated from the rest of Cera Bella and devoid of its greatest thinkers, most of whom fled in the wake of the Resistance's collapse.

Ravinale today remains insular and barren.
A Theocracy.

The End


On The Topic of The Ending: (Don't Read Unless You Got The Ending)

[spoiler]I told you you could switch sides, its just that you don't get to fight a final boss.

Though it would be nice for Craig to expand that ending to have the final boss fight with your teammates and maybe even the Trainer. You could get the Other Acolytes and Ravinal Guard Members to fight with you... but that is just a idea [/spoiler]
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