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King Of thine Hill

Started by bugfartboy, February 06, 2011, 12:26:16 AM

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I think that there are several needs in the King of the Hill division. On one hand, we have the version in which there are so few rules that Steelfist has an empire and has all the hill. On the other hand, we have the second version that has too many rules. Such as a limit on how much hill you can take, how long you have to wait to attack again, and the list goes on and on and on. But why must there be extremes? I propose a middle ground with some rules, but not so many that you have to have been the one that wrote the rules in order to follow them correctly.

King Of Thine Hill
  •Thou shall not amend these rules except by popular vote.
  •Thou shall not double post.
  •Thou shall not form alliances of more than three people.
  •Thou shall not ignore defenses that have been given.
  •Thou shall not demand that a list of defenses be given.
    -If you want em, go find em yourself.
  •Thou shall not destroy any or all of the hill.
  •Thou shall not use the term "anything" when listing defenses.
    -Example: I have a bunch of robotic toenail clippers that can cut though anything.
  •Thou shall not gather hill from multiple owners in one post.
  •Thou shall not ignore the forum rules.
  •Thou shall not complain if you can't find a way around a set of hill defenses.

Now that that's out of the way, I have the hill and offer to share it with the first person to kindly and sincerely offer me an alliance. I also place it in a self-sustaining ecosystem bubble (has everything needed to support life indefinitely by using a mix of technology and nature) and bury the bubble with me in it inside the center of the earth. Did I mention that the bubble can withstand all that pressure and heat? Well it can.


lol. Sure I'll form an alliance with you. Let us share the hill.
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Seeing as Fyer has replaced the center of the Earth with a bubble and thus destroyed the planet, I fly in a spaceship (an Arwing, if you must know) straight to the bubble. Given that it was not specified what said bubble is composed of, I assume that it is soft and scratch through it. I then kick Fyer off and launch him into deep space. I proceed to reconstruct the bubble wall to be made of adamantium.
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Actually it's made of the toughest diamond. And the earth wasn't destroyed. My bubble has enough mass that gravity is intact.


I buy a Death Star off of E-Bay. I blow up the planet, leaving only the bubble. I use the Death Star to cut a neat little hole in the side of your bubble, and send in the TIE fighters to blow you away. I then stay inside your bubble (with a hole in it) and set the Death Star to guard the bubble. My hill.
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Anyone want to find the rest of the words?


I buy a multi-task remote control and destroy your death star with it, I then get inside the bubble and use the remote control to shut down all your robots. I then throw you out of the bubble.

Our hill.
If you seek it, you can find it. Freedom can be attained.


I phase into the bubble and stab you, then throw you into deep space. I set up a Molecular Detachment Field (Molecules cannot hold together within it) extending thirty miles (Radius) outside the bubble. I then set up a group of Steel Knights (Remember them?) to man the near invincible fleet that protects it. In addition, just after the MDF is a forceshield that prevents anyone entering, VIA teleportation or more mundane means.

Mine Hill!


Sorry about this, but it really should be "thy" Hill, and in the rules, shall is conjugated as "thou shalt", not "thou shall".

I                    shall
Thou              shalt
You                shall
He/She/It        shall
We                 shall
You All            shall
They              shall


If we can get rid of alliances entirely, this would be the right balance of rules. And only then. It'll be like the original otherwise, with one huge empire making everybody who isnt a part of it loose perpetually.
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If that happens, the rest of the players can call an unfair counsil to elect whether or not that empire has right to exist. If that council can't agree to destroy it, it stands.

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I cross over to the ethereal realm in order to enter the area that is parallel to the inside of the bubble.  Once there i drop a slip of paper saying "hey steely it's me. wanna join up for old times sake?" into the real realm and then fabricate a nice bean bag out of ethereal matter before promptly falling asleep.
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