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New RP

Started by Kaseke, January 30, 2011, 05:51:52 AM

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Alright. So make that six tribes. I'll update the list and then post the new list of tribes.


So, pardner, I say we put both our names on this RP, and try to make it the best!


Well their are Four (The fifth is a mixed bag and the sixth has no magic) Types of Tribes and Three (Maybe Four) Types of Magic. Perhaps that each tribe is good at each type of Magic For Example

[spoiler]Asparze would obviously be good at Healing Magic (Or Mectore)

Yemino sound like they would be Good at Water/Ice Magic (Or Aquate)

Taronte are gurel so Fire (or Torames) is what they would be good at

As for Kimones... they sound like they have to deal with necromancy (Or Necromise)

Naraka would be good at all types...[/spoiler]

However, anyone in any tribe could technically learn the other types of Magic, they just have less poweful (in the case of polar opposites extremely, less powerful)
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I was thinking that Naraka could have fairly random powers. Not just all disciplines (Though they could learn them), but something totally different.


Updated the list. How's this?

[spoiler]A small continent known as Panjorew in a world unknown to us. A world governed by six tribes of varying strength and ability. In most of the land, magic is abundant, passed down from generation to generation are genes giving rare and sometimes extraordinary abilities to alter the world around oneself. This is the world that you are born into. The world that you have the ability to move and shake. Will you help your tribe: either the  Iylspar, the Yemino, the Taronte, the Asparez, the Kimones, or the Naraka? Or will you peacefully leave the world as is? It's up to you to decided who you are and will be. Now choose. [/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Iylspar have almost completely forgotten how to use magic or that it even exists but a few of them who have minor talents that aren't even really worth anything. Rather than magic similar to the other clans, the Ilyspar have developed basic technologies such as basic alloys. And at the start of the RP, they would have no clue about Panjorew.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Yemino are the main occupants of Panjorew, the continent that most of the tribes live on, and have a moderate knowlege of most magics. The clans of the Yemino more united together than the other tribes, though still divided. They prefer to keep to themselves with very little interaction with the rest of the world, meaning that they are talented in defensive magics, some of which are no more than major reinfluences to prevent attacks in the first place.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Taronte are very poor and considered the "scum of the earth" by the other tribes. They are constantly bickering amongst themselves. Their magic is very powerful, but at a great cost to themselves. They use blood and life sacrifices (the most gruesome of which involving the murder of newborn children) to call down great storms, plagues and other devastating magics upon enemy clans.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Asparez have peaceful relations with most of the other tribes and like it that way. They are spread out pretty thinly across the land and offer their services for healing when they can. However, they are not mercenaries, are very moral, and avoid killing and helping someone kill (even when threatened by death).[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The Kimones are the "evil" tribe. Their main body is not seperated into clans and is mainly military. They are egocentric and violent, wanting to command all of Panjorew. They are more technologically advanced than every tribe other than the Iylspar. They have no real magic specialty but they can use the magics they know with utter mastery and cruelty.[/spoiler]

[spoiler] The Naraka Tribe can hardly be called a tribe, as it consists of those that have been cast away from their original tribe. Life expectancy is short, many children born into the Naraka die young or grow up mad. Magical genes here have been mixed and swirled together creating rare and oftentimes useless magical mutations. The people here are seen as just a step up from the Taronte, but still scum.[/spoiler]


Don't forget that Naraka have above average magical strength, and perhaps make them the most hated, and often killed on sight. Make them ultimate rejects, who have banded together, hated by all, but strengthened by adversity.


I would think that mixed genes would make magical talents somewhat muddled. Not stronger. But they are hated. I thought that's what I typed anyway.

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Quote from: Steelfist on January 30, 2011, 06:00:22 AM
4. Ban Rainen from using Rainen. Just look at NoHR. HE DID THAT!

^_^ my bad. the only reason i did that sort of thing is cause i was using it for my story.  My story has a specific path now and all of that stuff that i had isn't being used anymore.  also i was sort of egocentric back then.  so here's to hoping we can finally have a long and fulfilling RP.
-just a little note though, a better way to phrase that is to ban deus ex machina moments.  Also another big thing would be to encourage full comprehension of the situation before crying bloody murder.  I've noticed more then once that people yell at the wrong person.

And finally, if i am going to be in this RP i am going to use the name rainen.  it's that simple.  I don't mind changing the backstory and giving him an epic nerf (take a look at hell quest.  for pretty much all of that rainen didn't even have powers) but I am NOT using a different name (aside from Jace but that's just a cover name that Rainen uses) I guess you could say i'm obsessed with my story :P

Ok so you guys have a setting and tribes.  How about an initial struggle?  If you want I can draft something up.  For the first time in awhile i actually have a ton of free time and i have no idea how i'm gonna use it all!
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Can I go as Aloc again? I liked him.  :)
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Rainen, sure. My creativity has drained to a big fat 0 lately. So I'm not going to be participating anywhere much for a while.


Well Bugfartboy, if you won't respond to PM's, I won't play. Please delete my char from your already dying RP. I'm trying to change my character, but you are raising stupid objections. Respond or delete; your choice.