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Last words

Started by The Holy namelesskitty, September 18, 2010, 11:49:39 PM

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Oh, you're not mad? Alright, I guess I can tell you the truth.

The Holy namelesskitty

There's no cure for love!? Balderdash!
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :

Idozen Cair

*clicks gun*
'It's not working.' *looks into gun and pulls trigger*
*BOOM!* 'It's working now and it just blew my eye out.'
I doesn't care, do I?



"Yeah, I just said that about your mother... what are you going to do about it?"

The Holy namelesskitty

Mr. Norris, I'm afraid your taxes are three months late.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Well, Dr. Sarundipidous, Fifi, my Chihuahua, is really quite tame. Go ahead... Pet her...
pruneman is awesome!!!!!!!!!