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Math of the Demon Duck

Started by ArtDrake, April 30, 2011, 04:41:43 PM

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First answer: Because I love mathematics, and some people have pmm'd me about mathematics, and I figured a thread would be easier.

Second answer: I'm no help to you there. I could tell you that calculus makes a lot of sense, it's perfectly intuitive, and you ought worry about nothing. However, that's just me; some people have an awful time trying to do calculus, and end up banging their heads against the walls. You may be one who believes calculus to be of the former, or one who experiences the latter in your time studying calculus.


As I do think math makes plenty sense of the real world than I guess I have nothing to worry about and just should accept the fact that I will have no (real) idea what it really must be like studying its field.