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Oh, I've got it. Fixed for the next patch. :-[

(You're going to have to go retrieve it from the bottom of Crypt 4 again. Sorry.)

I encountered a weird bug -- when I try to move into east Ravinale, it seems to take me to the intro scene. Malekhin is standing on the podium surrounded by guards, there's a crowd and everything...but nothing happens, the game just hangs.

Also, some shadowlings in Somnus still say "I'm afraid I don't have dialog yet. Try another house." It also seems that the palace still can't be accessed.

-In the great forest during a battle, every unit is called Timer.
-Sometimes during battle I click done/hold no response.
-I can walk on top of the great forest treasure chest.
-In the order of the black rose base, the combination door I only enter 5 numbers and it says that I entered 6 numbers, with the 6th number a repeat of the 5th number i entered.

Chocobo_Fan, it sounds like you're playing an old version of the game. I'd suggest backing up your saved games, uninstalling, then downloading and installing the newest version of the game.

Right after rescuing parents mission it is night I talk to the parents and they are having an argument. After I go through all the text and click on the parents again I get no effect (no text or anything pop up) and if I keep clicking for a long time the game freezes.

I also don't know if this is a bug. But after I find Arman in the desert after he was killed by Qatil and I revive him. I then talk to him again and there is no text about the incident whatsoever, it is like it never happened. Is it suppose to be like that?

Also even after I revived Arman, I scan those Order of Black Rose guards in their secret base and the text that is given under the scan still makes it seem like Arman is dead. I.E. the quote "He has no memories at all related to Arman dying to being dead" remains.

When I scan arman on Qatil and then I click "scan again" no response. "continue" option is still there but that seems to work as "scan again" now.


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