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Youtube Celebs

Started by Idozen Cair, June 07, 2011, 01:00:10 AM

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Idozen Cair

I just want to ask do any of you guys watch or are actually fans of Youtube celebs such as Nigahiga, charlieissocoollike, pogobat....?
If you do, who do you like?
I doesn't care, do I?


I'm not a very big fan, but I like to watch RayWilliamJohnson.

Also HuskyStarcraft seems to be a bit of a celebrity on Youtube amongst Startcraft fans.


Starcraft? Psht. You sound like my not-brother

I don't know any of those people.


I've seen charlieissocoollike, he's funny. Mostly friends who watch him are girls, but I still see his videos as a result. Another one of those is JennaMarbles.

Quote from: Duskling on June 07, 2011, 01:03:46 AM
I'm not a very big fan, but I like to watch RayWilliamJohnson.
RayWilliamJohnson isn't funny at all to me......he finds clips that are funny, and then makes bad jokes about them.
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Idozen Cair

charlieissocoollike is my favourite because his videos are not simply entertaining but also (a bit) educational.
I like nigahiga for pure funniness.
I doesn't care, do I?