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More Healers

Started by SmartyPants, April 20, 2012, 08:04:49 PM

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Is only one healer on a team enough?

Hell No
1 (10%)
2 (20%)
5 (50%)
2 (20%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 10


In TRPG2, I needed both Anya and Festus to protect my team.  In TPA2, I need both a Psy Healer and a Shadowling Healer to keep my team members alive.  In TSoG, I need both Set and Naj to keep my team alive, or I had to have Duvalier take on the role of a healer.  Of the eight slots in previous games, I felt the two of them should have been Healers.  That means that 1/4 of the team would be composed of healers.  If there is an equal chance for a unit to be assigned to a team in TT, then that theoretically means only 1/22 of the team would be composed of healers.  Psy Healers being randomly assigned 1 out of 22 times is too infrequent my opinion.   Does anyone agree or disagree with this opinion?

I have two solutions to solve this issue:
*When units are randomly assigned to an army, the chance a Psy Healer is to be assigned should be higher than other units.
*Add another Healer unit (Maybe add horns to a shadowling sprite and call it a "Shadowling Healer").


Being able to pick up random bandages seems to alleviate TT's shortage of Psy Healers.  Anyone agree?



For the multiplayer PvP, more healers aren't necessary.  In player vs player, there doesn't seem to be any need for your whole team to remain alive as long as you win the battle.  Extra healers would just needlessly prolong battles.

However, unlike PvP multiplayer matches, losing a unit in the campaign would put the player in a disadvantage in each upcoming battle.  During the Weapon Depot battle, one healer was adequate to keep the team alive. However, the one healer was severely lacking in the ability to keep all of the ten or so units alive in the second demo battle.  You might want to consider adding to the campaign a second Psy Healer or a shield attack to a non-Psy Healer character (like when you gave Gamblin' Jack the ability to use Mind Shield).

Making player's abilty to easily trade (or steal) bandages might be another solution.


The second demo battle is there to provide a steep challenge and show off a greater range of unit types and advanced attacks; if it stays in the finished game, it'll be a late game battle. You definitely won't be fighting it right after the weapons depot battle. ;)