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TSOG Poetry

Started by The Holy namelesskitty, August 08, 2011, 07:17:51 PM

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The Holy namelesskitty

put in some poems that might be applicable in TSOG, just for fun.

here are a few to start from
QuoteLittle figurines

Little clay figurines are born wet.
We mold them with our fingers,
we mold them with our words.

But each day they harden, yield less and less.
The sun burns scars in them, and they surrender
their moisture for relief. But

the rains come, and they cannot taste their wetness.
The ground moves, and they rattle asunder.
Brittle men now, they must all crumble to dust.
Quotewords flowing from an opened mouth
like waves upon the sea
changing yes, but staying great
a cliff into a beach

yet as we sit and listen
as a sapling drinks its trickle
from a great spring underground

we listen to the changing tale
we cherish these words as treasure
from the magic silver tongue
of the tired storyteller
QuoteThe dread men are peered
Upon by poor eyes.
Their weary bones complain of
Injustice to the fire above.

No love or peace or joy comes,
But just one hope, that
Their stolen time will be
Given back.

The dread men are stared
At by sad eyes.
Their weary hearts protest of
Greed to the men above, but they
Know it is right.

so have at it poets, they don't need to be excellent or even all that great, we're an accepting enough community to encourage anybody's poem no matter if the Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda (an awesome poet) or some talking cat.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

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The Holy namelesskitty

you're probably right I was given the idea in the poetry section, but this does not exactly warrant counting posts because it's just for fun really. I'll ask a moderator to move it.
THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!

my telepath LP :


Done & dusted. Topic moved to the General Discussion.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.