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Started by ArtDrake, July 15, 2011, 04:53:34 PM

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Are FSM creation and Old Testament creation comparable?



I would beg to differ. How complicated?


One with limited knowledge of Catholicism could easily say "God made the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th, thats it"

But if that same person were to read the entire bible, he would know there is a lot more to it.
I believe in evolution. How else would Charmander become Charizard?


"The entire Bible" does not concern the matter of creation. Instead of simply reiterating that there is more to the Old Testament creation than is between quotation marks in your latest post, please, instead, elaborate somewhat on creation and how it differs greatly from and is more believable than the Flying Spaghetti Monterism account of creation.

In a standard debate format, it would be said that I have stated my proposition and given evidence to support it. The first rebuttal comes next. To effectively make your case, you would have to give reasons why someone with, for example, no exposure to either religion might find the account of creation within the Holy Bible more worthy of belief than that which is in the Holy Pastament of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

If you feel you are too offended by the idea of comparison between the two beliefs to, or are unable to, make this case, I invite you, Deagonx, to cease posting, and I shall delete the thread, as no party that believes they have a need to defend this point had come forward by that point.

If this does come to pass, I shall be aware that those on the forum either are amongst those who cannot defend their account of creation in a reasonable manner, those who agree with me in this sentiment, those who are indifferent to the matter at hand, or those who find themselves too offended to argue the point. If there cannot be a debate, this thread has no reason to exist. Please state your position and defend it, or alert me to the fact that the parameters specified within the fifth and sixth clauses of the fourth paragraph of this post have been fulfilled.


Well, for one thing, both the bible and the Qur'an describe themselves as being written by God (or allah)

Where as the 'gospel' for 'pastafaranism' was clearly written by a man.

The entire thing is just really a stupid joke. They even have a verse in there that says "He boiled for our sins."

So, if you actually want me to tell you why I think Christianity is more believeable than 'Pastafarianism' then I am going to have to ask you to not only cease posting until you see some sort of help with your reasoning.
I believe in evolution. How else would Charmander become Charizard?


I honestly thought that the Bible and the Qur'an were a collection of scriptures written by men who had heard God. Is this not the case?

Does not Bobby Henderson profess to be a prophet of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?
And was not the Old Pastament of scriptures found and assembled?

Is the idea of suffering a horrible, painful fate for the sake of Man so ridiculous?

I do not understand the phrase, "ask you to not only cease posting until you see some sort of help with your reasoning." The term "not only" implies there is more, but your sentence ends at the first list item. I also am truly clueless as to what the phrase, "see some sort of help with your reasoning." I believe it can be reduced to, "see help with your reasoning." Of this I am also mystified as to the meaning. I joke not, and only seek to better understand you. Please rephrase your sentence.

However, I gather that you believe that this topic is ridiculous and that I should stop posting until I "see help." If you think that I am mentally ill, I must refute your understanding of my condition. I simply wish to conduct a civil debate, as you appear to hold an opposing view, and we might hope to reconcile our differences. There may even be a possibility of my seeing the rationale those who believe the word of the Old Testament hold for doing so, and even reconcile my differences with these beliefs held accordingly.


As to your first question, no.

Second Question, I wouldnt know.

Third question, the point I was making is that its a clear spinoff of the Christian "He died for our sins"
I believe in evolution. How else would Charmander become Charizard?


Could it be that the two religions are, indeed, related, coming of similar origins?
Judaism and Christianity share a holy book, so is it so unreasonable that Pastafarianism and Christianity share the idea of death of the savior for the wrongdoing of his people?

[Note: As a point of curiosity, who boiled for our sins? I can't say that I remember that from the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.]


Ill answer that last note: It was on their website as a picture. Clearly mocking Christianity.

Anyways, this is below me. I am not going to argue the validity of me calling a reductio ad absurdum stupid.
I believe in evolution. How else would Charmander become Charizard?


Okay. At this point, I'd like to apologize for aggravating you and disrespecting your religion. It's your choice; it's simply not one I'd make.

You're offended by the idea of this thread, and I'm not about to get any concessions concerning the Flying Spaghetti Monster out of you. Thread locked.


I'm so glad we've all grown so much as people since this little debacle. *shakes his head at his younger self*


Looking back at a lot of the discussions we've had, I want to go back and slap myself.  I started deleting some of them a few months back, but stopped a bit into it deciding that they were just a reminder of how much I've grown and how much my views have changed since then.


Yeah, I was this close to getting rid of some of them, but I feel like I'd only need to hide it if I were still that person, you know? Not trying to cover it up is the best kind of victory I can have over my past self, if that makes any sense.


If you wanted to have a serious conversation about faith, then don't compare God to a Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Instead of respectfully disagreeing with people, you are straight up insulting their beliefs and intelligence.

By the way, Fly Spaghetti Monster was a concept from a South Park story arc about how atheists can be just as big of dicks as people of faith when it comes to uncompromising doctrine.  Instead of berating Christian beliefs, you should just accept that you have a difference in option.  Its not like someone's belief in creationism somehow diminishes your personal belief in evolution. This lesson also applies to how Christians should approach people with different faiths and beliefs.


Did you not get the memo? This is a retrospective, man, and you're jinking the vibes with your out-of-nowhere rebuttal of my fourteen-year-old self -- not to mention, you don't seem to be able to get your facts straight even now.

If this is what happens when I try to have a little "how far we've come" moment, I don't think we're all (you're fine, though, Bug) as ready as I thought for this kind of thing. Thread locked.