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Elder Scrolls

Started by Tastidian, July 27, 2011, 11:45:17 PM

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How do you like the game

Its the root of aswome
Its okay
It Sucks
I don't know never heard of it.


Skyrim use to have some terrible bugs such as the crash bug, where the game crashes randomly after a set time. Sometimes its not even a set time but recently I think they fixed it but im not sure because I never recived an update on steam.


Well, I never noticed a bug like that (though I've heard of similar issues arising in games because the PC can't support the required graphics, so maybe that's the cause). Still, Maybe they'd patched it by the time I got the game.

Skyrim is supposedly very buggy, like most Bethesda games, but I haven't encountered any major bugs at all.


What I didn't understand is the fact my P.C. is past the recommended requirements. I have i7 2nd gen processors that clocks at 3.2Ghz and its quad core. My graphics is Nividia 550m or something close to that # i forgot which graphics card i have. I also have 8g's of ram.

Also even though they had years to make it the game is too big to really focus on bugs but to be honest they release it even before i'm done with the other game becaue you can make some many types of characters and too many missions but I do love that. Also I found out that Saints Row The Third has more bugs than that of Skyrim's.

(I still dont have my normal computer in fact I am running such an old computer its lagging at only 3tabs.) Thats the computer I use while at work though.