August 17, 2009

Ham Sandwich RPG!

No, this isn’t a prank–I actually made a game called Ham Sandwich RPG. Honest. It was for the RPGDX Side-Scrolling Mini-RPG Summer 2009 Competition, a 48-hour competition that challenges you to create an entire RPG in one sleepless weekend. Luckily, I had Tyler Schmal around to help me out by writing music and sound effects while I was off busily programming, drawing, and writing incredibly silly dialogue.

So, without further ado, I present to you:


Ham Sandwich RPG Screen Cap.

Never before have you played through an entire game as a sandwich!
Never before have you heard dialog with so many sandwich-related puns!
Never before have you… well… okay, so I’ve exhausted the list of things innovative about this game.

Regardless, it’s still quite a lot of fun! I encourage you to go download it immediately and play it to its conclusion (which, believe me, you’ll know when you reach it).

Unlike my past games, I’m offering this one as a downloadable .exe, which means you don’t have to play it in a browser. (In fact, you can’t play it in a browser.) Due to some cool new tech Adobe has, however, Mac and Linux users can play too! Here is the .air version of the game, which should install smoothly on any machine; just make sure you have Adobe Air installed first before you try it.