October 27, 2011

Reasons to Support Indie RPGs, Pt. 3

Word has it that the DRM inside EA’s hack-and-slash action RPG Darkspore has prevented anyone from playing the game for a week and a half now. We’re talking about a single player game that paying customers have been prevented from playing on their own PCs since October 18th due to an error with EA’s online authentication system.

The last word from EA on a fix for their DRM system was two days ago, on October 25, 2011. I quote:

After conversing with the Devs, they state that they can’t yet guarantee an ETA & while they are hopeful, there are no intended announcements of any kind yet planned.

I cannot think of a single indie developer that forces his or her paying customers to connect to the internet and go through online authentication merely to play a single player RPG. Just sayin’.