February 21, 2012

Telepath RPG: Servants of God v. 1.813 Patch

Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been patched to version 1.813, introducing some new content and a handful of minor bug fixes. This newest patch does all of the following:

–added a new Nightmare difficulty mode. (Accessible only via New Game+ after beating the game on Brutal, or using a cheat code.)
–visiting the Mechanic Base now produces randomly generated battles against the mechanics.
–it is now possible to learn the location of the Mechanic Base by scanning a mechanic during the labor site rescue mission.
–added three new tiles for the Stone Dungeon tileset to the map editor.
–improved Griffin’s responses when asking about certain characters.
–fixed a bug in one branch of Arman’s optional dialog.
–fixed a small bug in Helena’s dialog when declining to hire mercenaries.
–fixed an issue with the final boss music not playing.
–fixed the game not remembering it if you manage to kill D’Kah midway through the game.
–fixed Naj and La’Man showing up in a cut scene near the end of the game even if you haven’t recruited them.

To get the patch, just download the game again and run the installer, then click Replace when it prompts you to do so. It won’t affect your saved games.

As before, certain voice-overs remain in a separate zip file, available here. Just unzip it into the game’s install folder to get whatever voice-overs aren’t installed automatically by AIR.