March 14, 2013

Telepath Tactics back on Kickstarter

Folks! It’s baaaa-aaaaaack…


I will now preemptively answer your questions using my astounding psychic powers:

Wait. Didn’t you already run a Kickstarter?

Yes: it did not succeed. Thus, Kickstarter being what it is, no one was charged and I received none of the funds. So I’m trying again.

Why is the goal so much lower?

I’ve streamlined my funding priorities for this game to arrive at a base goal that covers only the bare essentials. I go into this in greater detail here.

What has changed in the game since last time?

Based on backer feedback, I added some of the character attack animations, improved the AI, improved the interface, fixed a ton of bugs, added dialog tree support, created an actual dialog editor, extended the dialog scripting system for modders, and made lots of other improvements.

Should I back this game?

Sweet mother of Jehoshaphat yes! In fact, why are you still on this page? Go back Telepath Tactics!