April 21, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.01 Patch

Telepath Tactics is now version 1.01! I’ve been dutifully noting all of your bug reports and–with the craziness of release day now starting to relax a bit–I’ve gotten to work on fixing them all.

Version 1.01 doesn’t address all of the bugs, but it does address a hefty subset of them, and I wanted to get this out to you all as fast as possible while I work on fixing the rest of the issues! Here are the version 1.01 changes:

  • fixed an issue that was causing some players to have to separately download and install Adobe AIR.
  • fixed a bug preventing the “Who can use this?” function from working in the merchant screen.
  • fixed a bug preventing the player from backing out of a purchase after triggering the “Who can use this?” bug.
  • added an additional visit to the merchant in Coria, right after the Coria tavern scene.
  • added a confirmation box warning players when they are about to overwrite an existing save file.
  • fixed several bugs specific to the Linux build (including one game-breaking bug) caused by inconsistent folder capitalization.
  • fixed a bug in which the game would sometimes freeze if a character who had just recently appeared on the battlefield triggered a trap that had been on the battlefield longer than him.
  • fixed a bug in which lissit characters in multiplayer all had “null” for names.
  • fixed the incorrect objectives description that was appearing during the apple-gathering battle.
  • fixed the incorrect coloration of Silithis’s portrait during the scene where she visits Adelbrae.

I’m continuing to fix bugs and improve the game; if you find a bug, remember to hit ‘L’ to generate a log, then post it here: http://sinisterdesign.net/forum/index.php?board=37.0 That will help me track down the cause of the problem.

Thanks for your support and feedback, folks! I’m dedicated to making this as good an experience as possible for you all. More to come soon!