May 2, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.028 Patch

Another small update! I’ve been working my butt off to fix the game’s remaining bugs, and I believe I may have finally fixed the inventory swapping bug. Here is the list of fixes and improvements:

  • fixed the inventory swapping bug? (fingers crossed really hard!)
  • fixed bug in which characters would get to keep acting after leveling up from what should have been a turn-ending attack.
  • fixed a bug that was causing the game to screw up when using the RecruitChar script action during a static cut scene (as in the cut scene right after the apple-picking mission).
  • fixed a game-freezing bug involving the drawbridge in the bandit fortress escape.
  • fixed a bug where Shadow Blast’s range somehow became set to 2 instead of 2-3.
  • split off the intro dialogue to the Meridian rescue battle into its own scene so you don’t have to go through it all over again every time you lose that battle.
  • bumped up the amount of money Gonif Bastid gives you after the caravan battle from 350 to 480, to make things easier for players who’ve taken losses (or who haven’t yet figured out how to conserve their supplies).
  • recoded the game’s handling of animated character health and experience bars; it’s now cleaner and more optimized.
  • fixed a bug in which the game didn’t save the assigned sex of recruited “Either” characters. Now it does.
  • fixed a bug in which level up data was not transferring over to new scenes with generic, randomly named characters. Now it does.

Those last two fixes concern generic character recruitment, the template for which has been updated on the forums.

With this fixed, I’m moving on to figuring out performance improvements for larger battles in version 1.03. Until next time!