May 21, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.031 Patch

Hey folks! Telepath Tactics was selected for the indie expo in Power of Play this weekend, so I was out there showing off the game. This cut into bug-fixing time somewhat, but I still managed to squeeze in a cluster of bug fixes and improvements for a new update:

  • newly spawned reinforcements can no longer attack on the same turn they spawn (though they can still move around).
  • you can now increase the size of the font that appears in those little pop-up info boxes when mousing over characters, objects and interface buttons.
  • info boxes now dynamically resize vertically (they already did that horizontally) to accommodate the larger supported font sizes.
  • increased the font size in the detailed character screen from 11 to 12.
  • the game now ties changes made to character inventories in the reserve supplies screen to the individual characters’ names rather than saving them numerically by character slot. (This is me taking another stab at killing the inventory swapping bug–hopefully this was of the “fatal backstab” variety.)
  • fixed a bug in which changes made in the reserve supplies during battle would be saved even if were in the middle of a battle, long after you finished deploying characters.
  • fixed some more edge cases where it could end up glitching out the game if an enemy was killed by wandering into a trap.
  • fixed a bug in which Louise could show up in the ending even if she died or left the group earlier on.
  • fixed the scripting in the chat immediately preceding the caravan battle so characters who may have died at Adelbrae don’t show up and talk.
  • you can now right-click the portraits of characters who’ve been recruited but haven’t appeared on the battlefield yet (like Meridian right after you rescue her) during deployment / in the common inventory.
  • pulling the lever on the ground-floor Coria Dogs battle now spawns a chest with special loot inside.
  • expanded the range on psy user buff abilities (blinding cloak, frost armor, etc.) from 1 to 0-2.Lyrio
  • added a new legendary weapon to the game: the bow Lyrio. Strength 11, Accuracy +100, gives Range +1 to all ranged attacks. Can only be found as a rare spawn in chests / in the crypt mission.
  • added flails to late-game stores.
  • added a sound effect for Hover.
  • the game now supports a new type of custom variable: arrays! This is big news for modders who want to script more complex content.
  • There are a bunch of new script actions relating to the creation, pruning, and general usage of arrays: SetArr, GetArr, DelArr, ShuffleArr and ForArr. More info on how to use those here and here!
  • changed ITEMVAL format from -ITEMVAL:X- to ITEMVAL[X] to make it easier to nest the -STR:- and -ARR:- special characters inside it.
  • created a store with randomized item selection inside it in the Recruitable Chars stub campaign using custom arrays; feel free to steal it!

That’s all for now. More bug fixes and improvements are in the wings, so stay tuned!