June 8, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.035 Patch

Hey folks! I got a bunch of bug reports after the last patch, so I cooked up some quick fixes. The changes:

  • fixed a bug in which certain newly recruited characters (ones who weren’t under your control in a previous battle) would not show up in the Reserve Supplies screen during deployment.
  • fixed portraits not appearing in the detailed info screen when right-clicking deployment tiles.
  • fixed portraits not appearing in the reserve supplies screen.
  • recoded the function for generating the common inventory screen so it loads your characters in roster order rather than in order of appearance in the save file.
  • updated the code for saving changes to the common inventory so as to prevent unintentional array coupling.
  • fixed the properties for a few chasm tiles that the game was erroneously treating as regular dirt ground tiles.
  • fixed another bug that was preventing tags reducing the cost and range improvements for promoted character attacks from affixing properly.
  • fixed a bug in which the game would not load Header.png from custom campaign directories.
  • you can now include custom sound effects within a custom campaign folder: stick each one in the subdirectory Data/Sounds, just as if it were an asset in the install directory.
  • put in a procedure to have the game dynamically check for sound files before it tries to play them, thus preventing errors where the game freezes due to attempts at playing a nonexistent sound file.
  • added documentation for how to package up a custom campaign to the game manual.