July 14, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.039 patch

Hey guys! I pushed a really small patch over the weekend–it fixes the bug where, if you use up an item, it would unequip all items after it in that character’s inventory and prevent you from reequipping them.

“But Craig,” you might say, “that’s a really small update. What have you been up to?” Having recently run up against some of the limitations of Adobe AIR, I’ve basically spent a bunch of time these past couple of weeks scouting out alternative development environments, like Unity and HaxeFlixel, which I can theoretically port the Telepath Tactics engine to for future releases.

I am by no means done fixing up the initial PC release, but it feels good to have a game plan going forward. It’s really no fun being stuck on a platform whose creator essentially abandoned it halfway through your game’s development.

Anyway–enough of that. More updates to come!…