August 13, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.042 patch

Time for yet another update! This one addresses some issues with the new save game system, fixes some other bugs that had previously escaped my notice, and includes some gameplay improvements that I’ve been wanting to put into Telepath Tactics for quite some time:


– fixed a bug where the game would scale inappropriately on monitors without standard widescreen dimensions, leading to important parts of the visual field getting cut off.

– fixed a bug where the game would turn fullscreen scaling off after every battle.

– fixed a bug where the game was not correctly saving the name of procedurally generated levels when saving the game using the new system.

– fixed a parsing issue with items that add tags.

– removed commas from certain items’ descriptions to avoid parsing errors.

– fixed incorrect description on Caffeine Pills.

– fixed a bug that prevented Caffeine Pills from successfully removing the effects of Slowed status, Eyedrops from successfully removing the effects of Blinded status, etc.

– gave +1 range to Place Charges for Engineers who promote to Machinist.

– made it so characters with a base Dodge of 80 or higher no longer gain Dodge upon leveling up.

– updated scripting in the final battle to make Tarion and his escorts more proactive / aggressive when approached by the player; buffed the snipers on the rock pillars in the lava.

– fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the wrong character to get grayed out if an enemy character’s turn ended with that character dying from an attack or a trap.

– fixed a typo that prevented Armor Rend from ever succeeding in softening the target.

– new tag: StatFXIgnoreRes. Makes it so status effects’ chance to hit is not impacted by the target’s resistance to the attack element.

– added StatFXIgnoreRes as a tag characters receive upon equipping axes or a halberd, thus making the status effects of Armor Rend (and, for Mantis Knights with a halberd equipped, Charge) dramatically more likely to succeed against armored targets.

– fixed a bug in Normal mode where Scarlet Etoile could end up having dialogue after the caravan battle if she was both recruited and killed during the fight.

– fixed a bug in Normal mode where Louise’s portrait could remain onscreen inappropriately after the Adelbrae battle if Farasat was killed in the fight.


There are still a few things left to fix, but I wanted to push this now so you guys have a more stable and pleasant experience while I take those last few bugs out of the game. Don’t forget to report any bugs you find in this forum–that’ll help me fix them, especially if you attach a log and your saved game file. Until next time!