August 20, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.043 patch

Hey folks–another week, another patch with more bug fixes! Here’s the list of changes:

– fixed the bug where characters killed in Casual Mode would duplicate in the saved game files (along with their attacks and inventory) going forward into subsequent battles.

– fixed a bug where saving in a new slot at the start of a procedurally generated battle would produce a save file from which you could not load the procedurally generated battle.

– fixed a bug in which custom character lighting set for a given scene could get saved to a save file going forward, then get parsed incorrectly, thereby turning a character into a black silhouette.

– related to that last bug: fixed a parsing issue in which the game would interpret a sequence of numbers delimited by commas as a single number.

– fixed weather effects freezing after concluding turn 0 dialogue.

– fixed bug in which the game would sometimes freeze if an enemy was killed with an iron jaw trap.

– fixed AI quirk where computer would treat potential targets that were stunned or frozen as if they could counterattack.

– fixed a bug in which a weapon breaking would not result in the weapon’s stat modifiers being removed from the wielder.

– Goniff Bastid now sells Caffeine Pills when you encounter him in the woods after fleeing Igor’s fortress.

– fixed a bug with StatFXIgnoreRes that caused it to make status effects always hit instead of just ignoring elemental resistance.

– fixed a minor typo in the Coria Tavern cut scene.

– fixed a typo which caused apples to restore energy when used.

– fixed typo in shop descriptions of the rapier.

With this, I believe I’ve now worked out all of the reported problems with the game’s new XML-based save system. Next up: fixing problems with the game’s fullscreen scaling system. Until the next patch!