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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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R.I.P Steve jobs the industry visionary..

The only reason I post here and now is in his honor. I feel sad I wast'n able to post here for I remember enjoying this forum for sometime than simply got too busy.

Can someone explain to me why people idolized Steve Jobs?  He did take part in the development of technology like the ipad and iphone, but why does that mean he deserved to be treated like rockstar Jesus?  If you actually read about how Jobs treats people, then you will see that he can be a real jerk.  I would understand why people would admire Bill Gates due to all of his charity, but Steve Jobs has almost no record of philanthropy despite the billions of dollars he has earned.

He's not rockstar Jesus, he's a great American innovator. Yes, Apple used/uses less-than-ethical labor practices overseas, but that doesn't lessen the accomplishment of creating the technology we use today. Lay off -- this is the Rest In Peace thread. You want to create a "To Darned Heck With You, You Dastardly Jobs Fellow" thread and whale on a dead man, go right ahead -- berating the deceased is out of place in this particular lieu.

I know he isn't rockstar Jesus, and that is why I'm questioning why people treat him like rockstar Jesus.    Its not like Jobs invented penicillin or the polio vaccine. Is the only reason people love Jobs is that he helped develop the technology that makes it more convenient to watch adorable cat videos?

While I find it inappropriate to say "To Darned Heck With You, You Dastardly Jobs Fellow", I also don't understand why people pretend that after a celebrity dies that they lived completely virtuous lives.  For example, why did everyone forget that Michael Jackson was a child molester, and Keith Ledger was a drug addict?


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