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By popular demand, I've uploaded a manual explaining the Telepath Tactics ruleset. This sets forth in great detail the mechanics that are new or different from previous Telepath games.

{ { {  READ THE MANUAL HERE  } } }

The manual is in progress and subject to change as development continues. Similarly, it is incomplete: expect it to grow as time goes by.

I have updated the Telepath Tactics Manual with an introduction, an explanation of the game's controls, and some lovely art depicting the Pyrokineticist by artist Benn Marion.

Can I request for a table of contents in the next update?

I'm going to hold off on making a Table of Contents until I've finished the manual: otherwise, I'd have to constantly go back and update the page numbers every time I made a change, and that would be a big fat pain in the you-know-what.

Thanks for the table on contents!


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