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Dungeons now spawn enemies! Spawn locations are chosen at random from a selection of possible spots designated within each room. The enemies themselves are picked from a list of potential enemies that can spawn within the particular dungeon. ;)

I've updated the installers online.

There is still a fair bit of work left to do, though. Currently, dungeon generation parameters (dungeon size, number of enemies, and list of enemy types) are all hard-coded; tomorrow, I will work on making them editable in XML as part of the GENERATE_RANDOM_LEVEL String.

Also, I am aware of some bugs in the dungeon generation algorithm. (In particular, it has a bad habit of sometimes placing floor tiles over segments that should be wall.) I'll be working on that going forward as well.

We have new stuff on the art front! I've just received mock-ups of the first of the individualized attack buttons from Julia Buge, and I think they look pretty swell.

The Photokineticist's casting animation has been completed, and might I say that it looks pretty grand! His cape flaps up and down in a most satisfying manner. We have newcomer Lan Giniewski to thank for this one; he's going to be helping Tyvon Thomas out with completing the game's mammoth load of character animations going forward.

Lorne Whiting has gotten me an initial draft of the expanded Grass tileset, and it's looking quite nice! Very soon, we'll have outdoor elevation tiles, chasm tiles, and angled shore tiles to play with.

We've also got a couple of new character portraits that I forgot to mention: the female spriggat and the male villager. You can see those below.

I just sent out a mammoth email to Julia with all 105 of the attack icons we need for the game, complete with descriptions and references. It took a few hours just to come up with everything and write it all out. This is the kind of thing it would be useful to have an art director to handle. Oh well! Back to coding, now.

All right! You can now change the properties of a dungeon to be generated within the nextLevel string itself. Use the following format when telling the game to randomly generate a level:

--- Code: ---GENERATE_RANDOM_LEVEL[Mines,DeviousSchemes2,1,28,10-16,Bandit/Swordsman:Bandit/Bowman:Bandit/Healer]
--- End code ---

We'll go through this step by step. First, name the level GENERATE_RANDOM_LEVEL, then add a couple of square brackets after it.

Within the square brackets, we're going to have six parameters delimited by commas: next scene, music track, number of floors, number of tiles along one full side of a floor, numerical range of enemies the level can spawn, and the types of enemies that can spawn.

So in this example, the parameters are:


Meaning that the game will generate a dungeon that loads Mines after completion; that it will play the music track DeviousSchemes2; that it will be a single floored dungeon; that each floor will be 28 by 28 tiles in size; that each floor will have between 10 and 16 enemies; and that the enemies will be some combination of Bandit Swordsmen, Bandit Bowmen, and/or Bandit Healers. Notice that each type of enemy is listed in slash notation, and that the types are each delimited by a colon. It's important that you get this right, or enemies will not spawn on the level correctly!

Note: as of right now, the game supports only single-level dungeons.


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