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Posted Part 18 and Part 19 of the tutorial for making a Telepath Tactics campaign, explaining how to create new destructible objects and how to assign script triggers to them, respectively.

--I was able to steal some time away from moving nonsense this morning to test out a longer battle using a profiler to see what's causing slowdown. From my end, it looks a lot like it's caused by AIR constantly calling the garbage collector with greater frequency as the battle progresses. I've added in some code to force garbage collection whenever a player's turn starts (while that "Player's Turn" splash is displayed onscreen), and whenever an attack sequence ends.

I moved to a new apartment yesterday--and so did my girlfriend. I basically had to move two apartments' worth of furniture into one, and I feel a bit like collapsing into a ball and not moving for a week. Regardless, I am now going to resume plugging away at to-do items for Telepath Tactics!

First up:

--fixed a bug in which the game would get stuck in a loop in the conversation preceding the caravan battle if Louise Legerdemain is dead.

--fixed a bug in which the game was not applying the tag to reduce the Energy cost for certain attacks (as with the promoted psy classes in the main campaign).

--Annel Stormhunter now has a bit of dialogue when he leaves the group after the battle in Coria's streets (assuming you talked to him and he survived the battle).

--removed the "Promotable" tag from Sarn Kamina (as there is no promotion class for Gasul).

--fixed a bug in which Oliver Spenks would not be added to the player's roster of useable characters after landing on Kovit.

--fixed a showstopper bug in the game that would occur if playing in Windows and you had no audio device enabled for playing sounds on your machine.

I spent some more time analyzing telemetry data for Telepath Tactics. A frankly ridiculous portion of the game's processing power (we're talking upwards of 33%) seems to be wasted on hit testing for button objects--objects which I don't even use in the game!

Based on some quick Googling, this seems to be an issue with Flash itself once the game has a certain number of objects onscreen, and not something I can actually fix short of reducing the number of characters and destructible objects onscreen. I have some ideas to help with the issue, but suffice it to say that I am very, very displeased about having to do this, as having a large number of independent, interactive objects and large-scale battles are a core part of the appeal of Telepath Tactics.


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